Monday, June 29, 2009

What is reality?

He suddenly jumped in to the smooth and white marble floor, opened his eyes, his body was still shivering which clearly indicates the terrible situation he had just suffered and his eyebrows still looking for someone around him as if his life depend on a do or die fight with him; Then he looked towards the clock its only 3.30 in the morning. What is this? Is it only a dream? He said to himself.

Situations like this may be happened in our life too. Some situations are just like that we can’t believe it’s not the reality. Now the question arises what is meant by reality? The things we see? The things we imagine? Or the things we feel?

Science said that when we see a flower light reflected from that flower come to our eyes, focussed and this information is carried into the brain as electric pulses through nerves. And our brain interprets the object from it. This is the principle behind that highly complex process. But what will happen if we transmit pulses to the brain which have the identical characteristics as that of the electrical signal generated when we see a flower. Then we must see that flower. Then what is reality?

In the above mentioned way we see everything and we can experience everything through the supplied electric pulses even if we didn’t see or experience it in reality. The question struck to my head after I saw the film Matrix and reading some articles related to it. If we have a machine programmed to generate a particular signals and if we can successfully transmit it into our brain, can we see everything? Experience everything we want? I don’t know but I think if every condition satisfied the answer may be yes.
In the film Matrix, machines rules us by creating a system called matrix, through this system they supplied signals to our brain and thus we feels that we are living in a world enjoying every facilities, we have cars, we have good jobs etc... but actually we don't have anything; we just live in the world of matrix and the information is supplied to our brain directly. Thus we can see the things, we can experience it, and we can live in a beautiful world even if the reality is something else.

What an interesting method isn't it? What are the advantages of methods like this? If ever this method is invented it will create revolution in the history of humans. Suppose we want to sent a man to Mars, but we don't know how the climate of Mars will affect the human beings. Now what to do? Just create the signal equivalent to that of the climate of Martian surface and transmit it into the human brain, and just observe the nature of that brain. If it is not good for humans then change the signals slightly and find out what is the optimum situation for humans, now we can create a suitable environment to humans from the available data and send him/her to Mars.

It will also create revolution in medical field too. In organ transplant operations it’s a major problem that whether the client's body accept the organ, but in this method we have just need to send necessary signals to the brain, there is no problem of rejection, this method should also help in various kinds of treatments too. But it also has the adversary effects too. It also can be used to change the behaviour, thoughts of not only humans but also other members of the animal world.

Now let us come back to the question. What is reality? The thing which we see? The thing which we experience? I can’t say. What we see or experience is just the interpretation by our brain, if brain interpreted it in a different way then we will see some other things. Whatever be it is experience every new feeling, every new bit of happiness in life, because after all life is the totals sum of theses experience, isn't it?


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