Thursday, September 24, 2015

An IIT and can of worms

Now-a-days it’s more about presenting non-issues as core issues. What more, these issues are projected across the political spectrum as if the life of an entire civilization is depend on the outcome on this one problem. Often we are helpless to do anything to stop it or driving the debate in right direction.

Most often major problems faced by the society are ugly and solutions for them might not be popular. If I can borrow Brian Tracy’s words – we often fail to eat the uglier frog first. So what we do? We take something on the peripheries, twist some facts here and there to make it as the central theme and divert the attention.

The question here is about setting up an IIT in Karnataka. Central government allocated an IIT to Karnataka; Dharwad, Mysore and Raichur was in race for that. After studies Dharwad was chosen. So far fine - Karnataka wanted and IIT and it got one. Unfortunately the selection of Raichur opened a can of worms. Politicians (not limited to them) from Raichur wanted an IIT there and started agitations for the same. Matter went to a different level when Chief Minister also put his weight behind Raichur and sent a letter to Union Government.

Anyone following the agitation will feel like the route cause for all problems in Raichur is the absence of an IIT. In other words, setting up an IIT there will resolve all problems and place Raichur in a high growth path. To an extent, I agree, may be an IIT will act as a motivation for local students to take the studies to next level. But, I don’t think an IIT is going to make any radical difference to Raichur’s landscape. Instead of siding with one group and publically sending recommendations, chief minister should sit and think what he can do to make Raichur an industrial hub.

Dharwad was selected by the committee after considering all facts and Karnataka Government should go with Dharwad and give a closure to this issue.