These galleries occupy the expressions of some of the places I visited. Needless to say each journey gave me some new but invaluable experience of being present and spending time at some of the most beautiful, historic and natural places in this earth.

           I am very thankful to many people I met in these cities, trains, buses etc and helped me to explore the area and teach me so many things, without them it may not be an easier task. Do visit these galleries and send me you comments.

AndraPradesh - Hyderabad
Odisha - Dhabaleshwar, Saptasajya and Kapilash

Gujrat - Ahmadabad
Gujrat - Baroda

Karnataka - Bangalore
Karnataka - Belur
Karnatala -  Bijapur
Karnataka - Halebeedu
Karnataka - Hampi
Karnataka - Karwar
Karnataka - Kudajadri
Karnataka - Nandhi Hills
Karnataka - Shravanabelagola
Karnataka - Tungabhadra Dam
Karnataka - Udupi

Kerala - Calicut
Kerala - Guruvayoor
Kerala - Kannur

Madya Pradesh - Bhopal
Madya Pradesh - Indore
Madya Pradesh - Jabalpur
Madya Pradesh - Kanha National Park
Madya Pradesh - Mandla
Madya Pradesh - Sanchi
Madya Pradesh - Ujjain

Maharashtra - Nagpur
Maharashtra - Sevagram Ashram-Wardha
Maharashtra - Ajanta Cave Complex
Maharashtra - Ellora Cave Complex

Odisha - Dhauli Hill

Puducherry - Puducherry, Pondicherry-II

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