Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Even more states?

I don't know why people of India are always in race for highest positions in the world that too no other country wants. Like highest number of people(Now achieved second position, soon may become first one), highest birth rate, highest corruption rate(People trying very much but for this position competition is very high). Now they are in race for highest number of states.

But at the same time there is no competition in sports except in cricket, thats why the name India will appear in the last lines of Olympics medal list. No one is trying to competate with companies like Boeing, Airbus, Siemens, Nokia etc., but creating new political parties they are very good. The number of political parties in India is so high that its tip will be above the sea level even if some one put it in Challenger Deep.

Telengana (Andra Pradesh), Gorkhaland(West Bengal), Budelkhand(UP and MP), Bhojpur(UP, Bihar, Chattisgarh), Vidarbha(Maharashtra),Harit Pradesh(UP),Mithilanchal(Bihar, West Bengal, Assam), Saurashtra(Gujrat) and Coorg(Karnataka) are in race for new state status and the requests are pending before home ministry.

Most of these demands have one common thing to say. Our place is deprived of evelopment, so we want new state. But if the new state is created are they sure that development will come to their regions? ofcourse 9 new Jumbo cabinets and huge beurocratic system will be come in place for them; sure there will be development. But for common people?

It is said that before the establishment of British Raj and after the Mugal Empire broke in to pieces there was close to 600 independent states in India. And after Independence Sardar Patel tried very hard to integrate them in to Indian union. Are we going back to that situation? 600 states, 600 Jumbo cabinets and supporting beaurocracy. Any way if that came in place brute majority of state governments money will go to support the administrative machine.

If i remember rightly Marx once said that "History will repeat itself; first as a trgedy and then as a comedy". Long live democracy.


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