Sunday, March 19, 2017

Tear it apart – Wasting public funds and other crimes

Height of Stupidity
It is hard to understand why humans - considered to be ‘the’ foremost thinking animal in the world - still do such stupid things.

Only a couple of months back the workers came and completely re-tarred a nearby road here in Bangalore. Now some other people came and dig one side of it to replace a network of old underground pipes. Couldn’t these two groups talk to each other and do it in such a way that they replace the pipes first and then tar the road?

This is not the first-time absence of communication between two government departments waste public money and create more difficulties for public. Most often right after tarring a road someone will come to tear it apart (Water authority, Sewage treatment boards etc are some of the culprits). This not only waste public money but make half of the road not usable atleast for next 6 months.

When the ancient monument of Palmyra was destroyed by IS and when the monuments of Bahamian was destroyed by Taliban; world was stunned and wept. Everyone wondered how someone can do such barbaric acts. Newly tarred roads are neither Palmyra nor statues of Bahmiyan; but for those who walk and drive through those roads it is very much important. Destroying it is nothing less than destroying the beauty exists in the world.

Hope that whoever reading this will at least think twice before giving order to dig newly tarred roads.


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Presidential News OVERDOSE – Please Stop

The problem with lengthy US presidential election is, both print and electronic media across the world would be filled with what each candidate did in every second. Is this required? I don’t think people around the world are so much worried (for one full year) about who is going to rule US for four years. The problem is media think it is THE most important thing in the world for that one year.

As if this is not enough, news outlets are in an overdrive this time. They see everything related to US internal and foreign policies through a prism called Trump. For most of them issues across the world where people live and die hardly matters when comparing with what Trump say or tweets.

I had great respect for US news media outlets; their high-quality journalism and good reporting backed with good evidence collected painstakingly. However, if they are continuing in this way, I don’t think I will have the same respect to them for long. You can criticize Trump, his policies but don’t make that the only news. Journalism is not copy pasting tweets or commenting on other people’s comments – even if it is US president.


Anti-Climax in Goa and Manipur


This is not something which even the veterans of Goan politics expected after elections. Most of them might have rightly guessed that, no single party would get the majority. A hung assembly was on the cards. 

However, an anti-climax like this were Congress despite have 17 seats pushed towards the opposition benches was a total surprise. Who would have imagined that, failing to nominate a CM candidate immediately is going to cost them five years? By the way, BJP’s current CM and many of his cabinet colleagues lost their seats in this election. 

To get the majority BJP pulled parties (who campaigned against BJP in elections) and crossed the half way mark. What more; they even formed a government!!! All those small party representatives got ministerial positions (I don’t know what else they got). Given enough incentives they may even join Congress.

Goa before election, ruled by BJP

Election Results
Total Seats - 40
Congress - 17
BJP – 13
GFP – 3
MGP- 3
Independent – 3
NCP – 1

In the election BJP lost 8 seats, while Congress gained 8 seats. It is true that, BJP got 32.5% of votes while Congress got 28.4% of votes. But it is not the percentage of votes, but the number of seats in the assembly which matters. 


Total Seats – 60
Congress – 28
BJP – 21
NPP – 4
NPF – 4
LJP – 1
IND – 1

Here too Congress is the largest party. However, BJP with 21 seats suddenly formed the government. 

Media says BJP outfoxed Congress. However, I would rather say, all these political parties continue their habit of outfoxing people who elected them in the first place. What you think?