Monday, June 29, 2009

We too want to enjoy the life like you

Its again comes to my mind some days before... I was really shocked by seeing the reality... It’s me yes it’s my future...I have to go there...I have to experience it... It comes to my mind every time when I am thinking about the future...

You may be wondering what I am saying... Yeah, I am saying the truth which nobody can avoid, I saying the truth which everyone has to experience... Why I think about it? May be because I go through it... i lived in it... I am saying about the last stage of life... our retired life which is officially called senior citizenship...

What a word senior citizen... But do we respect them the way they deserve? In my plus two class I have to study a chapter; actually it’s really touched me; in our Hindi test... the name of it is "Butapa", the Hindi equivalent for that stage... It’s true to every word...

I have fractured my legs once, and I had to undergo operation twice...One to make it right and another [after two years] to remove the steel rods from knee which was placed there some two years back. It’s that time I get that painful experience of motionless, almost some 8-9 months I remained almost motionless, but I am very thankful to my mother that she take away a better part of pain from it... From that time onwards I am started to thinking about the pain our senior citizens feel in their life... Like children, younger ones, they too like to live, they too want to go out for an outing in the Sundays, and they too want to enjoy their life... But can they do that? Do we give them all the things they want?

They give their good part of life for bring up their life, for their education for their betterment; they completed all the requirements of their child as the best way they can, and of course forgetting about some of their needs. Sometimes they want enjoy some of their vacations but at that time may be their children have some examination, what they do? They give up their plan and work for their child's future. Suppose we going to school/ college/ companies at 9.00 in the morning, then they have to wake up at some five thirty in the morning and start to work... But do we say a thank you when we go out for our purpose? A thank you will not cost us anything.. It’s just a word which only takes some time, may be some seconds... but it really means a lot for them, because it shows respect, it shows love, moreover it also gives our parents some mental satisfactions.

I always think that why the companies gives retirement for its employees? May be because a new generation is in waiting, and may be because for a long time they worked for their companies and now they want some rest... But how will they feel? I think they should feel some sadness in the depth of their life... because after long years of exciting and challenging life they suddenly go to a world where there are no more crowds around them. Whatever we say I think solitude kills, we all don't want to be alone in our life. In school we want friends; in college too we want friends, and where ever we go we want a company... Can you imagine a journey from Kanyakumari to Mumbai in train, in which you sit in the ac compartment but there is nobody else, we are going through, Kanyakumari the southern part of Indian mainland, through Kerala , of course the Gods own Country, Karnataka, Goa and in the last Maharashtra but can we enjoy that journey? May be for the first time it’s ok, but for a second time? Our heart will want to go from the facilities for ac compartment to the crowded General compartment...

But what about our senior citizens they have to go through that life each and every day... They may be want to go to the general compartment, they too want to someone to listen and someone to say something. But can we go to that general compartment of life may be at first they can, but after some 75-80 years? I am sure there may be problem, I can think about how those restrictions in motion will be felt by them, but how terrible it may be if restrictions are ever increasing in the Geometric Progression? Is it there fate?

Absolutely not, they deserve a better life they lived for us in their good age and it’s the time to pay it back. They too have the right to go to enjoy picnic, to enjoy a party, to enjoy a cinema... we are responsible to provide that facilities, because it’s their right. Even in business we have to pay back the loans to a bank, then it sure that we can’t pay this back, because what they did for us is invaluable; its cant be compared with any other things.

But what we can do? In this world where 24 hours is not enough for life how can we get extra time? The point is that, if we really wish we can do it, no one forget to visit the doctor if he have some serious illness, then the time for this too isn’t a problem. At least everyone can say "Hi Dad & Mom good morning". It’s a simple word... But as we know these simple things can change many life. For example take the simple example of a safety pin, how simple its structure. Give them time, enjoy the time with them, it’s their right..."Good morning Mom and Dad how are you?"

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