Monday, June 29, 2009

Adoption: the life you can give

Adoption a new way of life you can give
Adoption a new way of life you can give

Adoption, accepting another person to our family, i think it will be a good definition. There are millions of childs in this beautiful world who are working in industry, agriculture, domestic labor when others are enjoying their time in Schools, Amusement parks, Play grounds, Social networking etc..Why? because the childs who are working dont have the capability, not in terms of talent but in terms of money for education. They cant go to schools, because they have to survive; they have to eat something.There are many childs in this world who dont have parents to spend money for their education, again its not because of the lack of talent.

Why we study in schools? You may have many answers to this questions, but i think the primary answer is that our parents have the capability to send us to schools, they work for us and produce money for us. We are aware about the fact that at least for school/primary education the money is coming from our parents. But their are millions who didn't have parents and so they cant join schools. After all they have to live in this world, have to earn the food to sustain their life.

But history of humanity also records many names with golden latters for their capabilities and contributions even after facing all these problems.And I am sure many of them wil be remembered forever if they got enough chance. So why dont we give them a chance? why we are not trying to give them the chance which we got because of our birth? After all we want equality in every field then why we are not trying to give them an equal chance to live a better life? We may try to say that Government should take steps t solve these problems, may be government will try to make some arrangement for them.

But Can any government in the world can give them a family life? the love of mother and father? the proximity of sister and brother? Can Government give them a shoulder when they are crying? can government give them the hand to learn swimming? And there are much more things which a government cant give. Remember its not their fault that they lost their parents; but it will our fault that we are not ready to give them the equal opportunity, remember that if we give them the chance, actually the word is not chance, Iam sure its not the word, i think the word is "fair competition", they too will be established as a good citizen, academic, professional etc. Which will make you proud that "Yes, its my son who saved the life the accident patient".

More over if we are ready to accept them, then remember that we are not doing a bad investment in them; but infact we are getting such returns which cant be given by any bank in the world. Yes in terms of love, strong relationship etc and as a father and mother you will get that; which you cant even describe. Then why? Why we didnt move our step in positive direction?

Adoptions are classified in to Open adoption and closed adoption, in another way it is classified as domestic adoption and International adoption. But i think full adoption and sponsoring are the major classifications. These two are surely different but its in positive direction.You can adopt a child to your family as your son/ daughter or you can sponsor a child.

Remember you are giving a new path, a new life to a child through adoption, which will be very helpful for both of you. But if you are unable to completely adopt a child, then you can sponsor a child give him all the support to live in the new path. You are giving birth to a new life, you are modeling a new way, and for which you will be paid more than double.

Some years ago i read an ad of SAP in a news paper, it says that "I dont want to follow a path, i would rather go where there is no path and leave behind a trial". So accept the new path, give a new life to a child and leave a path behind for others to follow.

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