Monday, June 29, 2009

Illigal Immigration and partial globalisation

History says that people came to rest of the world from Africa. We got many informations about various civilisations existed in the world through various travellers. People travelled across the world- they gone as far as they can go. But after that various nationalisms came to existance and countries formed more and more restrictions came into force. Now if someone want to visit some foreign country they he may have to take all documents he ever got in his life.

After a long time the so called globalisation came in to existence -partially. Why i say partially is because of the fact that it allowed the free movememnt of goods but there is no permit for free movement of humans- work force. If they allowed free movement of work force then the globalisation will be complete and i think it will be a great step in the eradication of poverty. What will happen is that people will move from the countries which give low wages to the countries which provide high wages and there they will work for such wages which are lowas compared to that economy but substantially higher than their home economy.

In the end wage will be tend to a average value for a particular job in all over the world. Why people gone to another place? obviously seeking a better living condition, but whats happening todays world? Usually immigrants- unskilled - do all the jobs which local people are not willing to do and that too for substantially low wages. But what they got is not that much good living condition and some times thay have to face local's agitation against them. In the case of skilled labours they usually lead a good - financially- life. And if you have money there will be many arouund you. This is the case of internal immigrants.

But whats happening in the case of a person who is going abroad seeking job? Here too qualified workers will not face much problem but now more and more countries are tightining their visa rules. But in the case of illigal immigrants the case is altogether different. They pledge everything in the hope a good future and go to the other country. But their they are unwelcomed guests their they have to face police, courts etc if caught and they may be deported back to their own country.

I read it somewhere that India is the largest exporter and importer of immigrants, actually she didnt import or export. People from India went to many other countries in the ancient times then British Rulers take many to other parts of the world. Infact Budhism is one of the great example of it. Originated in India Budhist monks travelled to south Asia and to many other parts of the world and expanded the religions base. But now people from india are moving to other parts of the world like middle east, U,S Europe, Australia etc many through legal means and many through illegal means. They may end in their destination or may became dead in the journey. How long one can travel in the cargo section of ships and planes or cross the barbed fence in the borders? In the earlier time these immigration may not taken seriously but now due to the accelerating rise of terrorism in many part of the world, recession in many countries, local people ojection etc force the government to take a strict action against the illigal immigrants.

But many these people became the toys in the hands of Prostitution and drug network. Especially womans who came to the new world expecting new jobs falls into the hands of prostitution network. Its high time for the governments to look into the matter- why their citizens move in to another country? If its due to earn more - even if they have good livilihoods in the motherland its not a problem but if its for survival then they have to work out for a solution. After all the laws and governments are for the benefit of people not vice-vera.

How long it will take the countries to move from partial globalisation - free movement of goods - to full globalisation- free movement of work force? Will it happen ever?


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