Monday, June 29, 2009

Modernization of Chinese Navy and other Asian countries

China - The biggest country in the world by population is completely modernising its navy. People's republic of China want to transform its navy to a blue water navy - which ofcourse the dream of every country. and ofcourse posed a tough competetion for india to upgrade the navy. Chinese also busy in building naval bases in other counties and expanding thier strength, the incoming bases in Srilanka and Pakistan are wonderful example of Chinese strategy.

“The Navy will move faster in researching and building new-generation weapons to boost the ability to fight in regional sea wars under the circumstance of information technology,” Navy Commander Admiral Wu Shengli told Xinhua in an exclusive interview– one week ahead of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy.In addition to ships, aircraft and torpedoes, long-range missiles with high accuracy, submarines with superb invisibility and endurance and electronic weapons and facilities are also on the Navy’s agenda.He said the Navy would have more equipment for offshore repair, high-seas dispatch, large-scale rescue and supply among others.According to Wu, the Navy will incorporate the capacity for non-war military actions to the integrated construction of the army’s power, especially emergency offshore search and rescue and anti-terrorism activities. - - Report from Chinese Defence site.

Will this rise the arms rise in Asia? No need to look elseware for an answer. Defenitly India will focus more on its naval capabilities, not only India but Japan, and other neighbours of China too will spend more and more money in defence. Vietnam already reached an agreement to acquire 6 Russian Kilo class submarines from Russia for 1.8bn$ and another 3.8bn$ for 17 SU-27 and four SU-30 multi role aircraft. Vietnam is also building 10 Russian type Molnia class missile boats more projects are coming in.

The distant Australia to allocated a military budget of more than 70bn$ for next 20 years, Japan too is not sleeping. All these forms another arms rise in asia, which will produce huge profits for arms suppliers all over the world. China wants to be achieve a naval power in Indian ocean and Chinese seas equivalent to that of US in Atlantic, Middle East and Pacific.

How India will react to these developments? Will india go for one naval base in Srilanka? After Admiral Gorshgov deal will how NewDelhi enhance its naval capabilities? Wait and watch..


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