Monday, June 29, 2009

Online social networking; better than the real one?

Now people start to talk about Orkut, facebook, MySpace, windows live spaces, second life, LinkedIn etc in such a way that they are really live in it. More and more people are attracted towards these new paths. It’s common in humans that they always want to get the new. When VCD player come to market everyone wants it, then the age of CD's come, then DVD, HD-DVD, Blue Ray discs etc.. But the interesting case here is about the duration of a particular technology, as the time progresses technology changes rapidly, and a gadget which we bought one year ago doesn't have that glamour now.

Social networking websites are based on the fundamental behaviour of humans- to know others, to create relationship with others. Its start from the very beginning, look at the small babies they become uncomfortable when no one is with them, as time progress we want friends, at teens we like to be in friendly with our classmates; after that age we like to be in relation with opposite sex, and the chain goes on.

In the earlier days our relations with the others are limited because of the geographical difficulties, but as the time passes and with the enhancement of technology we became in touch with more and more people, through post, telegraph, phone, mobile phone, internet we come to a world- which we call a global village; and the necessity of the people to interact and to know each other increased. It created the platform of social networks. Necessity is the mother of invention really obeyed here. But as the time passes people want more thus a large number of applications come to this world of social networks and still coming in.
But is it good or bad to humans?

Every technology is good as it represents knowledge, I believe that there is nothing like good technology and bad technology, and it solely depends on the use of it. So this technology is basically good. It will give as a platform to speak to the world and a medium to put forward our views.

It gives us friends, it gives as relations, and it gives as news from the people who are near to the epicentre. The important thing here is that it’s really good option to remove your solitude, now a days the concept of Joint families are almost broken. Here in Kerala Joint families give their way to the nuclear families, and in a nuclear family there may be some 4 members. If parents are professionals then who will have the time to tell the stories to the small babies? Solitude is one of the major problems of humans; if it’s for small time then its ok, but otherwise it’s extremely difficult to manage. Here social networking helps a lot to the people to overcome their loneliness and search for new relations.

It will also helpful to the people to put forward their view and start debating on some concepts, online communities, groups etc have this facility. Online research communities are important in spreading knowledge and developing new ideas.
At the same time online communities also have their own bad sides. As people are spending more time in virtual world, the real life relations will become week [most of memories flow away with time; happiness or sadness it doesn't matter]. This facility eats the creative time of humans etc.

But what is our requirement? Is it money? Is it power? Is it status? Is it fame? No... I believe that in this world each and everyone’s requirement is Physical and mental Satisfaction. We do each and every thing in order to get this satisfaction. The way it comes may be different, but our aim is the same.

After all we live for something and these are our part of life, there are no problems in accepting it, but it should maintain in such a way that it will result in healthier relations and better creativity.

As people start to concentrate more and more on their own career than in any social activities [we can’t blame anyone for it, because the world become more and more competitive; everyone have to protect their position] who have the time to meet anyone else? This now become the only way to come from the closed world and to face the new diversity of our earth; the world of netizens.


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