Monday, June 29, 2009

The Darknesss which is slowly Disappearing...

Darkness usually indicates something bad, it also symbolizes death and protests. But is it really a bad colour? Isnt it like any other colour? Whats the difference between black, orange, red and white apart from its visualizations and other representations society unnecessarily puts on it? Why we put a bias against dark? By the what do you think about black? about dark? Did it arises any fear in your mind?

Black is the absorber, white is the reflector and every colour have its own value in thins nature. Why tyres are black in colour? why news papers are generally
white in colour? of course there are scientific reasons behind it. But why you dislike black? darkness? any particular reasons? But now just like our forests are going to be a distant memory, the darkness of night to follows the same way.

What happened to our night? What happened to that beautiful darkness which gives you a beautiful sleep. Did you noticed the difference in the amount of darkness in the night? its reduction is accelerating and we are going to day only situation. Now electricity give us an artificial day, cars and lights now giving more and more intense light in the night. And basically people forget to sleep, cities are functioning on 24*7 basis - many cities are looking forward the title "A city which never sleeps".

But at what cost? we are changing the way our biological clock functioning. And above all we are forcing the creatures living in the city to change their life style.

I am a late sleeper and i saw that even in my small village as the time passes new street lights are appeared in the street and which gives light in the entire night.Recently I saw a similar article in National Geographic, the term which they used for this man made phenomenon is called "Light Pollution".

Are we aware about the affects of 'light pollution'? I think we didn't took this term with the seriousness it deserves. The removal of the darkness in the night may have its own consequences. Its not only remove the beauty of night and lights coming from stars and moon but I think it also affects the nature too.I think we are manipulating other animals biological clock, their ability to recognize day and night,their ability to travel long distances,and their right to sleep. Not only their sleep but sleep of humans too..

The other consequences of this light pollution may yet to be studied. May be it will affect the way nature works. But the continuous exposure of our eyes to the light may lead to the absence of sleep and which in turn may affect our health in long terms. And what about those who want some solitude under the moon light with his/her partner? Now if we want same cool moon and star light it become necessary that we have to move t some hill station. Why we don't live in a natural way? enjoying all of our inventions and exploring for new ones, but in the advancement don't forget the fact that lets leave the night as it is. If we need a 24*7 hour day time, let us restrict it to our household or company. Attention should be given to the fact that it will not be a disturbance for the rytham of other creatures. They too have the right to sleep in the night!!!

Now the day time is almost over, the darkness of evening is slowly creeping in, but the electric lights throughout the way gives enough light to walk and the day is almost over. And the lights are ignited. Its not the time to sleep but another day!!! Can i saw the natures beauty on this day? that beautiful moon, the light from star- which came here to saw us after traveling many years- cant I? Or are we transforming the earth to a light house?


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