Monday, June 29, 2009

Do we have a separate Identity?

The people we frequently saw in the streets, roads, offices etc have a name of their own ,have a nationality of their own, a body etc... but is it theor own? or inherited from others? can we have a completely different identity? there may be different answers to the question, but basically who we are?Are we completely different from our friends, ancesters and parents? can we be different? can we attain the difference in a single day or with in some specified time or ever?

This may be look so simple, but actually we are the total sum of the characters of our parents, environments and many other elements. may be we add some new elements to this array and some people add some more elements; but can we be completely different? Some months ago I saw these lines on some forums on Net, today one of my friend sms these lines to me. its really motivating I dont know who said or written these lines:

"Believe where others doubts"
"work where others refuse"
"Save where others waste"
"stay where others quit"
"Dare to be different"

But the question again is that is it possible to become 100% different? Is it possible to change everything? What actually happens in our life is that we accept- i think the better word is imitate- everything from our environment, and in the later life we change something and add our own concepts to our life. And thus we may create a small difference... but in most of the time that too under the influence of external agencies.

And the other thing is that it is very difficult to keep a separate identity. If someone's identity is different from others they will be easily notified or simply ignored.and in both cases there should be some pressure to change that separate identity and dilute it to a common one.for example if you are a vegetarian and all others with you are non vegetarians then there may be a pressure upon you to change the life style.

But after all is there any gain or advantage in being different? I think the answer is yes, society have the advantage.. This will force the society to think in a different way and to move in a different path.but can a person became completely different from every other things? and can he/she interchange their thoughts with the society even then?

I heared somewhere that the word change is the only thing which will not change,every other things have to undergo some type of change in the flow of life. Sometime we accept the situation and change accodingly and in other words we will survive.

If we resist the change then we will not be there for long to resist. But is it easy to change? I think the answer is no. We are all live in our own world, creating our own dreams and thinking that our long term plan will work. but when the change come in the form of rising family budget, financial crisis, accidents etc we are forced to adjust the situations.

Change is like a sudoku game which is very dificult to complete,and in the way to complete we have to undergo many trial and errors, Will we got the answers? who knows may be after sometime or may be we leave it.. The process of change is also in the same track; it will not assure us that if we try something different in the critical situation it will work. The actual point is to analysis the situation, like;

What process leads to the crisis?
shortage/excess of which thing leads to the crisis?
which category is the worse hit one?
How we can negotiate the shortage and remove the excess from the market?
how we can give a reassurance tot he market?

The main thing which matters in business is that each and everything in the market is important, most of the multi billion dollar companies today exists
today are started from scratch. It indicates that there is a potential everywhere. And when the change comes the new companies will come to the front end and those who adjusted the change.

In this way our character is determined by the forces of environment, which will eventually leads to the formation of the everchanging "We"... Lets not forget the old proverb "Stright trees will cut first in the strom"... So lets prepare our mind dynamically to adapt changes.... And yes we have to be the survived one.. not the dead one....


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