Monday, June 29, 2009

What is Happening in Pakisthan?

Pakistan- The word Pakisthan came in to existence in 1934 coined by Choudhary Rahmat Ali. It is a combination of alphabets from Panjab, Afgania(NWFP), Kashmir, Sindh, Balochisthan. Eventually Pakistan came into existence after a bloody partition in 1947.

According to Richard Symonds "at the lowest estimate, half a million people perished and twelve million became homeless". After bloody partition both India and Pakistan moved on; while India sticked to democracy Pakistan saw many Military heads as their state leaders.

But in these whole years there was one thing which didn't changed: Pakistan Army and ISI was in a position to control the entire country, but now is it all correct? All pervading Army and ISI lost the control of many parts, many tribal regions are going on their own, not only tribal regions but the beautiful valley of Swat too gone that way. Which is only some 200 km away from the capital Islamabad.

How a country with such a strong armed forces and neuclear capability came to this situtaion? Now a days there is no surety for anything in Pakistan, recent attacks in Marriat hotel, firing against Srilankan cricket team, suiside attacks and the last one in the chain is the treaty with Taliban in Swat - all clearly indicates the turmoil.

All the problems started in Pakistan with the Partition itself, Pakistan and West Pakistan was a rare combination; physically thousands of miles apart, religion was the only glue. Finally in 1971 its fall apart. The wars with India for Kashmir, 1971 war and Kargil war may raised the popularity of military in Pakistan. In the six decaded of existence as an indepndent country Pakistan experienced the changes of political control from civillian leaders to military ones and vice versa.

In the northwesern borders along with USA, Pakistan tried everything it can do to stop the take over of Afganisthan by USSR. USSR went back but the motion actually back fired in the form of chaos in Afganistan. Virtually every one speaks the language of guns, civil war followed in Afganistan.

Taliban raised to power, militiants hijacked Indian plane to khandahar. 9/11, subsequent invasion of Afganistan, the introduction of new government, raiing insurgency all added more and more dificulties to the already war torn land -Afganistan. But what actually happened was the loss of control. Neither US, new Afgan government nor Taliban, no one is in control of the entire nation. New government controls the entire country in paper. Evenif removed from power Taliban through their gurrilla warefare conitnued to be an answerless problem to US and NATO.

Pakistan got many advantage in the process, US financial support, Chinese(all whether friend) help etc. But what they lost is the control of their own nation. They used religion too much for many things which eventually backfired.

US was successful in displacing the Taliban Government from Afganisthan, but what Taliban did is that, they virtually created a new nation combaining the regions of Afganistan and Pakistan. whose borders is continuously expanding and now reached the bautiful valley of Swat. The next in line is the capital of Pakistan- Islamabad.

They are no more operated only in tribal areas but running towards the capitals of various provinces, and the race may end only after touching the borders of India in the east.

The all powerful word in Pakistan - army and ISI is unable to stop the movement and finally they ened up with a pact with the warring groups. According to which 'Sharia laws' will be followed in the region which is now under the control of Taliban. Its also in air that girls in Swat valley wont be allowed to see the entrance of schools any more, and Taliban may effectively ends the music and sports in the country. Even now not much countries are visiting Pakistan for playing sports due to security resons, attack on Srilankan cricket team created much more damage to the reputation of the country.

The pact may go on, governmet and army may lose the existing controls too. Many analysis suggests that US will attack positions deep inside in Pakistan which eventually turn the nation to total turmoil.

I wish that the future may not present such situations, I don't want to see the cradle of Harappa civilisation become a warfield forever [Harappan civilisation was very famous for its town planning concepts] and the water of Sindu turns its colour to red- blood red!!!


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