Monday, June 29, 2009

Rain, A chain going to be break?

Rain… Is it just a word? No its life... A thing which gives a new image to the world, may be it’s the only thing which can change the world so dramatically... a life which doesn’t show many hopes in the heat of summer began dancing and gets new vision when the pearls of rain drops starts to give a new energy and life to birds and animals...

Does it only affect them? No absolutely not… even we have the experience of how our mind gets refreshed when we saw this phenomenon... how the pearl beads from the natures necklace breaks down to the earth with happy sound of thunders and enforced with the torch of lightning...

This is the cycle enforced by the law of nature, autumn, summer, winter are all its part; it also shows the life cycle of human beings, not only human begins but also other living being and plants too. their various life cycle as an infant, a school going child, a teen in college, a romantic couple, a busy professional and the last a person with the full experience of life…

It’s interesting to see that the rains come in the same moment as the child starts to go to their new life in a new grade in school. I even now remember my school days. How interesting it is to go school through rice fields with straight ways to walk… some where the ways break with the fast and furious water flow. Furious? Yes it may the waters are blocked with earthed small lines…they too get a new life in the rain... how happy are those days... Just jump in to the water and play in it... There should not be any form of tiredness because it’s a happy and new life... and just look at the flow of water... wow... how handsome it is with the romantic sound of its flow.

But what happened now? Is that romantics’ still there? Now days we are hear about tycoons and other things with rain...Its romantics gone? Now when the rainy days are approached people start to worry about it. We are not hearing about the Singing Rivers and speaking stone but we are hearing about the earthquakes and floods, we are hearing about the death tools in floods and cyclones, newspaper in all over the world cover it... How the chain of romantics brakes?

Now a day’s anyone has the time of watching nature’s festival and hear their songs? What they want to tell us? No, now we are in speed, we want live with the speed of supercomputers, everyone feels that 24 hour in a day is not enough. Now a day’s no one wants to play in the rain, why? They feared about fever and other diseases… now raining is the thing which we watch in the semi refracted metallic glasses of a skyscraper, a thing which we show when we miss a bus in the street… anyone wants to drench in that?

In the future time may come in such a way that we can see rain in only in high tech simulated laboratory, for which we have to pay Rs/$.

Why we aren't ready to see the things which are part of our life? Why don’t we bath in a river? how can we bath in it an, we filled it with so much waste that it is difficult to differentiate between a drainage channel and a river, and we exploited it so much for sand that its only look like crates in moon, may be aliens come to study the formation of that craters in the future, and they will become confused how such a crater came there, as we are now confused about the existence of water in Europa.

Aim not exaggerating the’s we have to see in the future… Some years before, when I travel to my mother’s ancestral home some 3 hours away from here in bus, I saw the huge trees in the road side… in that days I would like to sit in the side seat of the bus not only to experience the gentle breeze come in because of the forward motion of the bus but also the trees, but know that gentle breeze is no longer there, most of the trees are removed, that huge mango trees are gone? How can I eat mango in the future? I often thought, han science may produce the perfectly round mangos using any of the techniques and it will covered with aluminium foils; but will it have the taste of the mangos which we get in the morning, after falling in the night?

May be we can use reverse osmosis or any other techniques so economically that we will get drinking water from sea, but will it have that taste which we get on a rainy day? Who knows?

We can say to our future generations that a guest named monsoon used to come to visit India in the month of June from the ocean and give us a thing called water, which is not only composed of Hydrogen and oxygen but also with the blessings and the love of nature… and come my son I wall show u the rain in the next vacation in the simulated laboratory… Now I don’t have enough time for it. I will take you there in the next vacation… I promise you son...


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