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About me,

I'm Sajeev, originally from a charming village nestled in the Western Ghats of Kerala, India. Despite my idyllic upbringing, my career led me to the vibrant city of Bangalore. My interests span a diverse array of topics, from science and technology to history, politics and society. I find joy in watching captivating films in English, Malayalam, Hindi, or any other language.

Beyond my professional pursuits, I indulge in hobbies such as traveling, blogging, reading and a bit of photography. While I lean towards nonfiction books, I occasionally succumb to the allure of a compelling novel. After all, who can resist the charm of a good story?


When we take a good look at society, its values, and how it's run, it's like looking in a mirror. This reflection shows us what we believe in, how we're different, and the problems we face. It reminds us that we're all connected, and we see both the good things we do and the unfairness too. This examination encourages us to think about how our actions affect others and to be more accepting of differences. Looking at society like this is like checking how we're doing, what we're good at, and where we need to improve. It motivates us to make positive changes in how we act and think together. This site also tries to be such a mirror.


I find joy in exploring various facets of the world through travel – from the majesty of mountains to the rhythmic waves of beaches. I appreciate the peace of paddy fields and the untamed allure of waterfalls. Whether it's the melodies of birds in the jungle or the bustling energy of metropolitan cities, I am intrigued by the contrasts. I delve into the rich histories and lively cultures of ancient and modern cities, as well as remote villages.

My travels also involve savoring diverse cuisines, from street food to upscale restaurants, and marveling at architectural wonders spanning centuries and modern skyscrapers. I am enchanted by serene desert nights and captivating ocean sunsets. Exploring both offbeat destinations and popular city hangouts, I value the warmth of local hospitality and the introspection that accompanies solo journeys. Whether trekking remote trails or joining group expeditions, I appreciate the solace of nature and the camaraderie of fellow travelers.

Camping under the stars, I witness the magic of the natural world, creating lasting memories and collecting souvenirs from the beautiful places I've been privileged to visit. Through this site, I aim to share these incredible journeys, documenting them through photos and storytelling for fellow adventurers.

To share your suggestions and opinions, please leave a comment or send an email to 'goodmorninguniverse[at]gmail[dot]com'.Twitter: @sajeevkokkattil

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  1. Of course he has a good knowledge in the above things. I was not aware of most of the political,historical details at all before I met him. Sometimes I felt jealous of him and still i'm wondering how he can so involve in these things for which the present younger generation is going behind entertainments and enjoyment. Really he is smart and it is very difficult to see such kind of people in the present world.

  2. I think his pet name shold be "Wiki"pedia bcoz dis is a such brainy guy...Keep adding the strength of ur tank... ;)

  3. Sajeev... When he opens his mouth... opens up for two things... First to say about all the things he have read from news and all the articles from above mentioned areas... His main interest is in politics and current affairs... So will start news reading(debating - he likes it a lot) about all that he has read... and frankly speaking as I am guy who seldom read news he is one of my sources to know whats happening around us...

    And Second is to EAT!(FYI thats what he meant by Admiring) :-)

  4. He has a tremendous knowledge on various topics especially in the field of politics,foreign policies and international politics.He is a strong supporter of capitalism and freemarket and strongly believes that all the nations should adopt these values for a better world.Often we use to discuss on various issues and eventhough we defer on many issues, i admire him for his deep knowledge on each subject. He loves to debate a lot(he forgets everything else while debating) and it is really very hard to defeat him in any debate.

    He also has an adventurous and travelling spirit deep within him. He loves to travel different places.And the other thing he loves apart from these is food especially sweets of all kinds :)

    He is really amazing.Eventhogh you loose to him in debates again and again, you will again love to debate with him. Eventhough you may not like his views on many subjects,you can not simply ignore them and eventhough, at sometimes, you may feel that he is insane, he is actually not, he is just unique,he is different.

  5. Many interesting posts here...very nice. A wide range of topics too. And your love for adventure shines through.

  6. Learnt a lot from him....very down to earth person with spell bounding discipline and tonnes of gratitude....just don't know how can one be so 'sajeev'