Monday, June 29, 2009

The foundation of democracy

"For the people, by the people, of the people" this famous definition of democracy was given by the former US President the great Abraham Lincoln. It is believed that the democratic form of goverment is the best form of administration in the world not because of the fact that its perfect but there isnt any better form upto now.

I here want to share some of my thoughts with democracy. I too believe that democracy is the best form compared to others, because in the pure form it maintain the philosophy "For the people, by the people, of the people". But i believe that nature have a set of fundamental rules, which we cant overrun, because we are living in the framework of nature.

I also believe that we should not get any resources freely for long time, we have to pay for everything we got.. For example mango tree may give mangoes freely for sometime, for which the payment is paid by nature; in the form of water and other resourses. but it will not give mangos in every seson, or even in the season itself may be because of drought, climate change, early rains etc... so if we want a continuous supply of mangos we have cultivate it, or we can say its the price we have to pay.

According to these rules i can classify democracy into two.1) Demoratic Republic based on marketing; 2) Democratic Republic based on Principles. In the first form; goverment offers new and new things to the people to get vote. We always wish a happy life, we want high quality in low prices.. In domocracy the goverment elected on the basis of the magority of elocrocolagal vote. So in order to get votes they have to give offers... and as we know its not a single party system so others have to give better offers if they want the power.

I must say politics is the real power. There may be many professions like engineering, medicine, lawyer etc. But when we start to thinks about power its the polics which give the ultimate source- the better word may be 'POWER POLITICS'. It gives new vistas for the mind there is some thing in it which we want to enjoy.. Its lime light, its beauty, its wild face are one of the the most sought after things in the world. So logic says that if we can attain it after gining a better offer than another party they why not we? The best of marketting works here...

But there is a limitation which is placed by nature itself, and the laws of economics.. We have to pay the price for everything we got, nothing is/was/will be free in this beautiful world..If we want to buy a car then we have to pay the price for it, even if there are other ways xists to get it... it will not be free for ever, ultimately we have to pay for everything.

Suppose government do something in order to get vote or to satisfy the people violating the basics of economics and other basic laws of nature- it may be ok for a short term as there may be other resourses to be exploited- but in a long run the government may be unsuccessful to do so. But now people cant agree with the new terms because they enjoyed the benefits for a long term. and so it will ends in nothing but in a change of power and may be in some civil wars too..

Here is where good governernce came in to effect.. the goverment is formed for the benefit of people so they should concentrate on it.... but according to principles.. It is said that in forest animals hunts only to remove their hunger... neither for recreation nor as a sport;even if they are powerful to do so. But when they feel hunger they will start hunting.

In the same manner a good government should run on some principles, they have to taken care of the people but not in the price of good governernce. It may have to take some unplesent decisions- but they should take it, if the decision is true and its what science and economics says. And 'WE THE PEOPLE' have to think about what is the correct decision. Mahatma Gandhi once said that "Even If I am a minority of one, truth is still the truth", Its not necessary that a thing/idea/concept is false/wrong because majority says so. lets keep this in mind...


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