Monday, June 29, 2009

The future of Humans

What will be the future of humanity? We humans now live on the earth for a long time ofcourse but it is not even comparable to long history of earth not to the age of Universe. But we are here after overcoming so many difficulties now we are living in the earth and enjoy the highly sophisicated technology. But what will be the future?

Iam not saying anything upto now, but only draw my thoughts about what will happen in the future? what should be the coming days of humanity? Of course technology should advance much further. now we gone to moon, have a space station called ISS. We have a great number of sattelites which revolving around the earth some for other planets too and othe vehicles are going to the outer space, some even reach the out side of solor system. We are very successful in receiving signals from them and have telescopes in the outer space.

In agriculture and food production we are applying new techniques and gene techniques are also came to view. In medical field war against diseases are going on, human genome project completed. And many organ transplants are now possible.

In Neulear Technology fission technologies are using for electricity generation, fusion research for electricity generation is going on and wich shows success now. Energy technologies also show a ray of hope in this vista. Now we can fly at hypersonic speeds, and low budget airlines are now coming into effect, metro rails, bullet trains, small cars are revolutionalised the transportation induatry. In computer sector everythin improves in lightning speed, GRID, new OS for robots, AI and other new technologies are now in the horizon.

Business is on the high track new and new companies are coming in, and innovation is going on. Pubilic health rate increasing and death rate decreasing. And in this way humans achieved much in their march upto now. But what next? How can they deal with the new problems like climate changing, huge population, problems in the availability of food and this list too is never ending...

I think from now on gadgets capacity will increase and size will decrease, in the end if become too small and now the new ways like planting the gadgets in the body itself may came in to effect, and some part of the brain may be able to use as a hard drive or RAM along with the planted gadget. Imagine a mobile phone which become so small plantedin the body and when call comes we can start talking. May be the other persons live vedio links may b e come to our eyes.

We camn put all the dangerous works on the Robots heads, just program it in such a way and employ them in dangerous mines, neuclear reactors, for search and rescue operation[where it is very difficult for humans to reach], if a child cries give hime a robot to play and we can use robots in the mines of mars and other planets, from which we may get some important minarel resources. Imagine a sets of robots send to mars in parts along with it we send two - three technition robots. these robots will assemble the parts in Mars will start to dig a mine there. Then they will create a huge factory there and putify the ore and send the products back to earth.

Imagine a world where scientists will design new babies using softwares say- genome design- according to the parents wishes and the time of birth as sheduled. An the new born baby will have all the qualities the parents decided. They will complete 100m in say 10 sec; or they may be very good in math and science or they will be excellent in art.
Imagine a tranpost system where your body will be transformed to waves and then send to the destination and in destination you can reassemble to your form using a decoder mechine. Or you can use flying cars, for which parking areas are created in the sky itself. And for entertainment instead of going to multiplexes or thetres you can see it using your mobile phone, which is already planted in your body.

For food it may be as simple as just went to sun rays or towards the rays of particular lamps and there should be some devices which already planted in ur body some new genes which should transform it to food, and there should be capasitors to store the extra energy for future purpose.

And in order to solve the population problem people may migrate to mars and other nearby plantes at first and then to distant planets, or some people will start there own space shuttle, and just like now trains are running from one town to another there may be space shuttle service from one planet to another. And each planet may form there own government and sign agreement with other planets. And there may be a United Planets, or United Galaxies for peace in future.

Real estate developers may bought new planets and they will develop it and sell it in Bombay Stock Exchange, National Stock Exchange, Newyork Stock Exchange etc under a special index. Warner Brothers may start a film based on the love affair between robots, and it may win the Oscar that year. Story may be like this. Hero may be from a distant galaxy say x[because of the large number of galaxies it may be represented by numbers or alphabets] and heroine from y. Hero and heroine went to an undergraduation course in a galaxy named z, they met there and so on...

If any new information or theory came to effect, then they be transferred to the brain by using the already panted mechine there. through wireless connection ofcourse. And there may not be the long cables in the sides of the road instead there should be wireless energy transfer, which now success for short distances. Laptops, robots etc can be recharged eith by using this wireless transfer of elelctricity method, micro fusion method, from solar power, hydrogen sources, from the use of dark matter etc..

Now most of th cargos are ransported through ships. In the future it may transort by converting first in to waves [coding] and then send it in to destination using a special channel may be and then decoding it in the destination, or big aircraft transportation may become cheeper. And there may be no need for airports in future, all flights should capable of vertical landing and take off. It may be also possible that the flights may simple stand in the air and the passengers are dropped to earth by using air cars.

By then there may be universal banking and universal currency which can be used anywhere in the world as free as the national currencies of that particular countries. And mechines like ATM ofcourse which perform most of the the thinks in Banking should available in all planets and all the financial transaction can be done using that.

But I think there should be love affairs in the future too, even if all other things changes, may be also in between robots too as they will get complete artificial Intelligence it may also happens. And there should be sex and its intentions too, these are associated not only with humans but also with other living beings from the bigning itself, and i think it should remain there; the intensity and methods may be different.
Wishing and hoping all the best for humanity in the future...


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