Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Indian Republic and 60 years

"India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grand mother of tradition. Our most valuable and most artistic materials in the history of man are treasured up in India only!"
- Mark Twain (Writer, America)

Today we completed 60 years as a republic. We remained as a secular and democratic nation even the nations who got freedom at the same time fall in to anarchy and military rule. We remained as a single nation even if India remained as diverse as the earth is.

We faced problems in the forms of wars with neighboring nations, insurgency in various part of India, poverty, financial crisis, international sanctions for years, earth quakes, terrorism etc but still 1.2 billion people more than 1/6th of world's populations remained united. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Arunachal Pradesh to Gujarat along with islands celebrate 60th anniversary of the republic in the same way.
Even the decade’s long terrorism, insurgency and various riots failed to split the people, infact threats united people more strongly. As there are 1.2 billion people there are 1.2 billion voices- thanks to democratic frame work - but still there is only one voice for all these people when India faces a problem.

Its not that we don’t have any problem, there are still people who are struggling to win their bread; people who are still beyond the coverage of primary healthcare, people without homes an electricity. Insurgents and terrorists still remains a threat to national security. Widespread corruption still posses a great challenge to nation. Localist policies of various groups are still trying to break the unity of nation. Even if reforms of 1991 and later policies changed the face of the nation; government's distraction in going ahead for a complete restructuring still hurt the economics of nation.

We have many concerns to address and find solutions for that. I am here by put forward 11 core areas where we have to focus on to move further ahead.

1. Eliminating poverty and providing basic infrastructure to the people.

It is government’s duty to provide basic infrastructure and provide a way to earn their bread for common people. By basic infrastructure I mean proper roads, ports and rail facilities, not building numerous over bridges - Leave the building of over bridges to private companies and focus on core areas.
2. Tackling terrorism, insurgency and naxalism.

Killing the innocents people on roads and streets cant be justified under any situations. Its the duty of the government to maintain the republic as a secure one. Try to adopt a strategy and for God's sake please not jump to and fro every now and then.

3. Eliminating widespread corruption.

This is one of the main enemy of republic. Its totally unacceptable to give money to government officers for the facilities which republic provides to the people. Enforce stricter measures and sudden actions.
4. Going ahead with economic reforms and eliminating red tapes.

After the reforms of 1991 our country saw a major change. The biggest example of it may be our telecom sector. But governments now become slow on further reforms. Government have to remember that its not their function to run aero plane companies, equipment manufactures, various banks which compete each other in market, oil companies which also compete each other in market etc. Divest from non core areas or at least bring down the percentage of shares to 51 and focus on core areas and regulation.
5. Enhancing efficiency and eliminating delays in the beaurocratic structure and in projects.

Bring down the functions of government and focus on core areas. Avoid red tapes, and pull out of unnecessary businesses. Government don’t have any need to run companies, instead create authorities like TRAI, SEBI, IRDA for overlooking and regulating various sectors and of course give them enough power.

6. Tackling the narrow and localist policies of local groups.

The localist policies of various groups in various states may give them a political base in that region and may fetch a dozen seats for them. For creating the majority these couple of seats may be necessary, but remember that these policies are acting like a axe in the root of Indian republic. Remember India as a nation is more important everything else is secondary.
7. Restructuring foreign policy and trying to play a major role in international level.

Restructure the foreign policy and carve out a special place in international level. Engage in more nations as far as possible instead of focus on narrow regions. Expand the base to all over the world, when something happens like earth quake etc, in addition to giving monetary and food aid engage there as many as Indians as possible. Government to Government relations may change quickly but people to people relations are rock solid. So engage in the people level. Let our flag to fly everywhere.
8. Reforms in the police force.

Complete restructuring. Enhance the intelligence division of police force and give them more modern equipments. Remove political interferences in the force at the same time make them people friendly. People should feel police stations as an approachable shelter rather than creating fear in them.
9. Allocate funds and promote basic sciences, restructure teaching.

Whatever government do we can’t achieve progress unless we focus on core areas. Do you remember how many Indians conducted research in India and got Nobel Price? The funds going to the science section will come back with many folds. Instead of making every college in India a production factory focus on research oriented curriculum. Here government can took many lessons from our great ancestors.

10. Protect forest, wild life and rivers.

You can live with out a car, but with out water, air etc its impossible. Once all these gone it is impossible to get it back. Already we converted rivers to drainage channels and polluted air as much as possible. How many tigers are there in Sariska tiger reserve? These are our non negotiable assets so don’t compromise with it.
11. More open view in foreign technologies.

Instead of buying a foreign aircraft as it is, or saying indigenization every time, hire the best brains in the world no matter who it is, pay them well and give them all the facilities them want. Use them to teach in the universities across India. Hire the people who invent technologies, Nobel price laureates, and renowned scientists and create a research pool.

12. Clean energy

Focus on power sector. Enhance the production capabilities and transportation efficiency, eliminate power thefts. Give more focus on renewable energy and clean energy technologies.

As in the words of Swami Vivekananda,

"Civilizations have arisen in other parts of the world. In ancient and modern times, wonderful ideas have been carried forward from one race to another...But mark you, my friends; it has been always with the blast of war trumpets and the march of embattled cohorts. Each idea had to be soaked in a deluge of blood..... Each word of power had to be followed by the groans of millions, by the wails of orphans, by the tears of widows. This, many other nations have taught; but India for thousands of years peacefully existed. Here activity prevailed when even Greece did not exist... Even earlier, when history has no record, and tradition dares not peer into the gloom of that intense past, even from until now, ideas after ideas have marched out from her, but every word has been spoken with a blessing behind it and peace before it. We, of all nations of the world, have never been a conquering race, and that blessing is on our head, and therefore we live....!"

Jai Hind,

Monday, January 25, 2010

Afganistan The grave yard of empires - II

Afganistan The grave yard of empires - I

Operations in Afganistan is creating more impossibilities before US strategists. Bringing peace to this region which is constantly on war is an Herculian effort. One the economic front the Afgan war is becoming more and more costly, but the US administration cant afford a bigger hole in the budget. At the same time War is becoming more and more unpopular in US which is another heaadache for the administration and Obama is forced to announce some pullout date for the US army. But it is not as simple as it seems, it will result in chaos not only in Afganistan but in the border provinces of Pakistan too.

So US finally come up with the idea of surge - the strategy which worked well in Iraq. The surge of more than 30,000 troops, but the idea which is copy pasted from Iraq experiences may seemed well but the copy paste of Iraq results- which is the anticipation of US generals is next to impossible. First of all Afganistan is witnessing war for a number past decades. And these wars are organised and conducted by well trained, dedicated and motivated people of various terrorist groups. And this one is not a conventional warfare, its a gurrilla one combined with occassional suicidal bombings. As US is already announced the pullout dates they can go for a sleep for some time (ofcourse occassionally waking up and creating havoc in Afgan cities) and coming back after the US pull out. The rough Afgan terrain and the absence of basic infrastructure will be another big problem for US.

But its not an impossible task. There are well known examples before them - India. After losing so many persoanals and much bloodshed, Punjab become one of the calm place in India to live. Later Panjab attained high progress in agricultural as well as industrial sector. Kashmir may be one of the most beautiful as well as unsecure place at one point of time, but at the cost of two decades of war and thousands of security personals Kashmir valley is enjoying a relative peace now. same is the case in many north - eastern states of India.

Unfortunately we Indians do not have much options left after the US pull out. We are only engaged in development activities in Afgan, creating roads, schools dams, irrigation projects etc or in other words - we are winning the hearts of common people. Ofcourse we won a lot of good will for the activities there, but we will be forced to pull out from Afganistan after the US gone, if the later stick to their dates. Also our presence in Afganistan become big irritant for Pakistan.

It may be ironic or coincidence but its a fact that Afganistan become a grave yard of Empires. Soviet Union collapsed after the disastrous Afgan invasion even if it was not the main reson. In the same way America is losing its unquestionale power and economic superiority after the Afgan invasion.(Even if it is not the main reson).

Friday, January 22, 2010

Afganistan The grave yard of empires - I

Some strategic analysts described Afghanistan as the graveyard of empires. In history there are only a few generals who led a successful invasion to Afghanistan. In the modern times; even the all powerful British Raj too faced the great Afghan mountains, later it become the indirect battlefield of two cold war empires. The socialist expansion of Soviet Union to further south faced the stiff resistance of US Capitalism and their newly found friends.

As the history recorded the invasion of Afghanistan was disastrous for USSR. The Mujahedeens fought well against the Red Army in the jungles and desert of Afghanistan. Of course US helped them in all the way they can; and finally USSR pulled out from Afghanistan. But USSR was not the only super power who paid the price for Afghan operations. US too paid their price and even now continually paying it in the form of a never ending war in Afghanistan.

After 9/11 US started an all out war in Afghanistan and as expected Taliban was defeated soon and US created new regime in Kabul. But this was only a part of the story. Controlling nation is zillion times difficult than defeating it. First of all US is a foreign power and it is a well known fact that no nationalities will allow a foreign power to rule them. The presence of an invasion army is considered as a national humiliation for them. Along with this religional sentiments are running to a time high.

It’s a simple rule. For example consider the case of Iran. There are various protests went on in the streets of Tehran after the second term election of Ahmadi Nejad. And the friction between US and Iran was creating a lot of heat. But the US will have to face both the protesters and government if they launched a military operation against Iran at that time (infact at any time). That is the e ffect of nationalism; no country is above this rule.

In the case of Afghanistan before consolidating their new position in Kabul and building a powerful Afghan army US opened a new theater of war in Iraq. This gave more than enough time for the scattered Taliban to reassemble and fight back. Some way US installed a democratic government in Afghanistan, the new government even got a second them to run the country. But it didn’t help to reduce the criticism of corruption in the system, many accused that even Taliban gets a cut in most of the development projects in the country. It is easier to blow up a bridge then to construct it, and who want to see their recently constructed bridge to be blowed up before their eyes. Any one remembers how many railway stations are blowed up by the naxals in central India? or we lost the count?

After all the years of US military operations, Afghanistan still remains as one of the most vulnerable place on earth. Its not mean that nothing is improved. After all new technologies, more and more schools, music and a lot other things are coming in to Afghanistan. Evan if the prospectus of returning Taliban to power in the next day of US pulls out is still in the horizon. The so called process of nation building and raising the Afghan army is still to be completed, infact it still not sure how much progress US can make in these fronts.

Even after losing so much money and personals in Afghanistan, still NATO forces was unable to find the key heads of former Taliban regime and Al-Qaida organization. Still the FATA of Pakistan, many parts of wasiristan, Af-Pak border areas, parts of Baluchistan are beyond the reach of Pakistan and NATO forces. Thanks to the penetration of agencies in terrorist networks, Drones are now more successfully hitting the targets after the tragedies in the earlier stages. In fact US cant afford further miss hits in civilian areas- it will create a Himalayan gap between the common people and NATO forces.

Afganistan The grave yard of empires - II

India and Bangladesh new dimensions in partnership

India and Bangladesh's relation may have been one of the most friendly relation in the world. After all India helped Bangladeshis to create their own nation. But things were not the same in the recent years, but now thanks to the recent election of Sheikh Haseina, daughter of Sheikn Mujibur Rehman - Father and the main founder Bangladesh- things were returning in track.

Aftert the election of the current Premier Sheikh Hasina, NewDelhi and Dhakka are enjoying one of the best times in their relation. In fact India and Bangladesh are now engaged more in constructive talks which is based on the mutual benefit. In the recent months New Delhi and Dhakka signed many agreements like the mutual usage and deelpments of Bangladeshi ports - Chittagong and Mongla ports, and other infrastructure projects. The development of ports by India will help Nepal and Bhutan too. At the same time the joint power plant projects and 250MW electricity transmission from India to Bangladesh will help Dhakka to minimise the effect of cronic power cuts.

In the security front too the relation shows a lot of improvement, authorities is cracking down the terrorist networks and ULFA militiants. Unlike the other borders here we are on the path to permenent solutions.

But the Bangladeshi opposition is accusing this initiatives as challenge to national soverignty and surrender of national interest to India. Instead of going to the streets agaist the governemt they can give valuable inputs and cooperation to the government. They have to understand that the coming of India capital to Bangladesh will no way effect Bagladesh's freedom. Infact its all pure economic/infrastructure projects and will result in mutual benefit. The joint power projects and highway development projects along with port operations will help to generate more income, power and economic progrees for both nations.

India too get a good opertunity here. Investing in bangladesh will help us to improve our relation ship with B'Desh. The infrastructure project will help us creating a better connectivity between Noth East India and the rest of main land. Infact The distance between Tripura and Kolkata may be reduced by more than half. Another important point is the destruction of illigal activities against India by insurgents from border areas. The current cooperation between the intellegence agencies of both countries are a good sigh. I think that BSF and BDR can increase their cooperation in dealing with insurgents.

This relation is a win win situation for both countries. It will not only improve the relation between India and B'Desh but also help Nepal and Bhutan to come together and thus enhance the conectivity, coopeartion and development. This may give a new life to the suffocating and dying SAARC.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Northern Kerala - Unlimited

I started from Bangalore city Railway station at 9.00 in a cool friday night and reached Mangalore at 8.30 am in the morning. After spending around five hours in the city I got Chennai mail and started  my journey back to home. After leaving Mangalore and crossing the borders of Karnataka, I entered to the ‘Kasarkode' district of Kerala.

Kerala is famous as a tourism hub, in the world tourism map. Often people prefer the most sought after destinations in the southern side of Kerala like ‘Kovalam‘,'Shankumukham‘, ‘Varkala‘, ‘Allappey' beaches; ‘Thekkady‘, ‘Agasthyavanam‘,‘ Kumali‘ etc hill stations; lakes and Canal Networks etc. But Northern Kerala satisfies the thirsts of tourists. Places like ‘Wynad‘,‘Palakkad‘ have numerous hill stations and beautiful rivers.

Along with this Northern Kerala have a lot of rare art forms like ‘Krishnanattam‘,‘Theyyam‘,‘Chakyaar Koothu‘, ‘Kadhakali‘ etc.At the time of school times its learned that Kuthira puzha (Horse River – Don’t ask me how the name came), the north most river in Kerala, now after a decade I saw it for the first time. From that onwards there are many rivers, for many of them I don’t know the name, I asked to my fellow travelers too. A girl sitting next to me gave me the name for some of them, but other I even they don’t know.

What is there in a name? It’s all are the art by nature. Her magnanimous works lay as a necklace in mother earth’s neck. These rivers are the rare treasures of Kerala – 44 major rivers flows through this small state. Except three all of them find salvation in Arabian sea.

The sight of the rivers itself is a refresher for mind. The wind coming from these rivers makes beautiful and sweet tones in our ears. But alas the never ending thirst of humans!!! Not even leave these beautiful rivers. They are filling these rivers with all the waste they can, so that after some time they can construct new houses in the riverbed.

I saw many famed places of 108 ‘Shiva’ and ‘Durga’ Temples of Kerala. After ‘Kasarkode’, we reached ‘Kannur’, ‘Mahe’ (Part of Pondicherry Union Territory). In this journey I saw ‘Eezhimala’ – famous for its newly coming Naval Academy and numerous rivers like ‘Valapatanam River’. As far as I remember in the past there was a proposal to build a great harbor in this river as it naturally have enough depth, and water flow is very good, but just like many other proposals by various state and central governments this too remain as a proposal and in most cases will remain as a proposal for ever. Anyway we can satisfied by the fact that at least there was a proposal.

After four hours and thirty minutes I reached the famous Calicut city. Calicut is the biggest city in northern Kerala, This city have trading relations with Arabs and even with the ancient Roman empire, The world famous exploration of a sea route to India by Portuguese ended in the beaches of Calicut, from there onwards the city maintained trading relations with Portuguese , Dutch and in the end with English.

But now in the modern India, Its nowhere near to the ancient glamour. Calicut – whose airport is one of the most crowded airports in India – doesn’t have enough number of flights operating to Gulf countries – which is the most sought after destination for Northern Keralites. Result – People have to go to other airports like Cochin, Bangalore, Mumbai etc.

I reached Calicut at 5.30 in the evening, and then went to home in bus.


Supreme Court Vs People

From its inception Right To Information Act (Commonly known as RTI act) gave sleepless night to politicians, beaurocrats and other civil servants (Please note that even if we pronounce it as civil servants its actually civil bosses). Now RTI start to hunt the Supreme Court judges and giving sleepless night to CJI. In countries like India where many government documents is beyond the power of the common man (In democracy its said that common man runs the system, but in effect system runs the common man to the point of no return!!!) RTI was a blessing for common man and a curse for politicians and civil servants.

It may be the one of most popular laws in India. After the explosion of news papers and television revolution in India news become a rare resource. In a country of 1.2billion people news channels find it very difficult to find a worthy news item!!! They started to chew, rechew and throw it to the public and then take it back, then again chew it, rechew it and again throw it to the public.

They went to the extend of counting the number of women attached to Tiger Woods life in every other day. Its another fact that that there are people who are suffering due to terrorism in J & K, insurgency in North East, Naxalism in the jungles of Central India; committing suicides due to agricultural losses in Maharashtra, UP, Kerala etc; deforestation, killing endangered species etc. But too few are going to the remote Indian villages, anyone heared about any major news from Sikkim, Mizoram, Thripura, Maghalaya etc in the recent days? or there is no news at all?

But RTI changed everything; now majority of the government documents whose existence we know is accessible to Indians (Of course Defence documents any many other categories are not accessible due to security reasons). if the existence of a certain document is not known, then? Other than the usual government documents there may be hundreds of other documents whose existence may not be known to the public.

Now the Act starts to give sleepless nights to CJI. All the things are related to the disclosure of assets of judges, collegiums decisions and communication between Madras HC judge and CJI. But CJI was not in any mood to bow to the demand. But this time he faces the fierce resistance from every corner, if every one who is getting salary from public exchequer have to reveal assets then why not judges? - who are supposed to be the gate keepers of Indian constitution- In a rare act they appealed against CIC decision in Delhi High Court, but Delhi HC upheld CIC's decision.

In the word of CJI "The full court had decided to go in [for] an appeal." Look at the wonderful word 'full court'. Now SC will submit an appeal against HC order in SC itself!!! They will challenge an order against their interest in their own court and they will argue for them and they will declare a verdict. Now you can think what will be the reaction of people to such a verdict.

Already there is another appeal pending in SC, which again filed by SC against CIC's order asking for the disclose the contents of a letter by Madras high court judge R Reghupathy complaining about a union minister to CJI. Here SC stayed the CIC order.

In both cases SC lost its case in public court. If they are not ready to disclose their assets; then how they can make verdicts in others asset disclosure cases? There are many morality laws associated with this cases - First and foremost you can’t be a judge in your case. Anyway it’s better for SC to make an end to the issue. Like this they have to make a framework to control the contempt of court proceedings. Every judge should have the power to tolerate the criticism. Along with this there should be a proper framework for appointing judges to Supreme Court and the rejects persons should have the right to know why they are not considered for the post of Supreme Court judge.

At the same time Information Commissioners have to decide what to reveal and what not to reveal correctly. For example the recent decision by commissioner to reveal the data about tax submissions of an Indian citizen to an applicant is totally unjustifiable.

Why on earth it comes under RTI radar? How the tax documents of a common person come as public interest issue? What it mean? Any person can apply for the tax details of any other persons? It’s a direct encroachment to the privacy of a citizen. These documents are private documents or can say as an agreement between a citizen and government no third party have anything to do with it. It should not come under RTI act.

On the tax evasion cases they can make a former complaint on other ways, or can approch court but RTI is certainly no the way to do this thing. IT documents are private to the person and related departments.

It’s better to correct the mistakes themselves rather than compelled to do so.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Public anticipating another war alliance?

It’s not unusual that different people will have different thoughts. But what it means if many people have same thought? It’s true that a thing will not become true only because majority says so. But like anyone else when many people sings the same song, I too start thinking about analyzing it once.

Today I was going through an article in Times of India. In the comments section some one suggested that we should make a military pact with Israel and US to strengthen our military strength in the case of a war with China. I was totally shocked after seeing that.

The reason is not the possibility of a war with China, neither the military pact with Isreal or US nor any other countries. But the shock for me in this case was the way comments are coming in; others confidence level in India's standalone military strength. It’s not the first time I am come across in such a suggestion. I saw this comments under many articles, most of the cases readers’ choice of partners will be - US and Israel.

How on earth they start thinking that the current US administration will even think about confronting China? how they can think that the current US administration will offer a better military equipments pact with India, which they are not offering to Pakistan? (US depend too much on Pakistan for the current operations on Afghanistan). And finally why people are suddenly start thinking about a war.

Is it due to the current media reports? If it’s so then everyone have to read that headings once again. It says like ‘Incursions increased by x% or like that’- it means all these things were happening in the past but media was not there to report. Now media is fighting with each other to remain in limelight. Believe me guys we have living in a comparably peaceful atmosphere as compared to past – if you don’t believe go to any history textbooks.

It’s true that Chinese militarily is developing very fast. They are building bases around India, and day after day bad stories of things comes from the McMahon line. It is also true that due to accusations and counter accusations we have many delays in our military procurement policy, many of our Defence projects are nowhere near completion. Many things are reaching no where.

But still we have one of the best forces in the world, and everyone even Chinese knows that 1962 will not be repeated. 1967 Sino-Indian skirmish (Chola Incident) and the 1987 Sino-Indian skirmish occurred at 'Sumdorong Chu Valley' are better examples. But what is the need for India and China to engage in a war after all. Will the two countries destroy their economies with a war?

So stop thinking about a war, and even if there is we have the capability to defend ourselves. Always remember that foreign policies of every country are decided by their own national interests. So any third party will think more than twice before participating in a war.

At the same time these remarks appearing in the news paper columns are a warning to the politicians. They have to make it sure that security forces gets what they needs; whether it will be bulletproof dresses, weapons, new generation fighter planes, destroyers or whatever it is. They can’t procrastinate the policies for ever.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bandh and Hartals strike again

Do you like strike? If you ask me this question in my school days, I will definitely say yes. After all we will get another holiday - an unexpected vacation. Usually we will not think who is declaring the Bandh, except to analyze the effect of it. If the organizing party is strong then definitely we will get a holiday! Bandh - originally a Hindi word meaning ‘closed’ is a form of protest used by political activists in South Asia like India and Nepal. During a Bandh, a major political party or a large chunk of a community declares a general strike, usually lasting one day. This is the theoretical definition, don’t think that majority of the people will take part in it by will; infact common people don’t have any another way, so they too see this thing.

But the impact of this in business and other regular activities of common people are worse. After finding the problems related to Bandh, it was banned in many states of India. But like other banned products, its came back with another name - Hartal. Both are not same but where Bandh is banned it soul will transmigrated to Hartals body.

In almost all cases people don’t like Bandh/Hartal. But the organized union of small number of people will defeat the unorganized common people. Of course there are some entities which may benefit from Bandh. First one will be "Beverages Corporation" - they will find their sales jumped to new levels in the previous days of a Bandh. And the next group may be the news and entertainment channels. After all it offers then unbelievable opportunities. New and hot news will be generated!!! in these days, somewhere some people will create havoc on roads, stones will find their destinations in the nicely decorated buildings. People like to throw stones to glass plates.

One of my friends who earlier worked in Trivandrum told me that whenever there is a strike in the college near to their location, a hotel just opposite to them will lost their front glass.

But ask to any people who are travelling to far places or coming from distant places, ask to anyone who is going to hospitals, ask to the business community they will explain the effect of each and every Bandh - all of them will have some sad stories to tell. If business centers are closed even for a single day due to Bandh/Hartal there will be mind blowing losses to the firms over and above they will run out of time to complete the project.

There are people who were unable to reach airport in time and lost their new jobs in the far away places like Gulf of Persia due to Bandh. People who are struggling to reach hospital on time, people who are waiting in the railway stations to reach home.

In the last month, I was forced to wait in a bus stand for more than one and half hour in the night, a place which is used by hundreds of buses was looking like a graveyard. This is the situation even 3 and half hours after the Bandh was over!!! This so called Bandh was for asking the government to restrict the astronomical price hikes of vegetables and other things. Everyone knows that prices are not going to reduce because of one day strike. It will simply add another burden in the shoulders of common people as well as losses to the industry. Do you ever hear that the prices are reduced by 12 hour Hartal? If yes please tell me.

The parties which declare Hartal should execute mandatory steps before going for a strike. They should discuss the issue in parliament and with concerned ministries. Instead of creating chaos in discussions and later demonstrating a walkout, they have to provide viable solutions to issues. It’s easy to create chaos and provide impracticable solutions for an issue and then walk out from parliament.

People are not electing representatives just for the sake to represent them or making chaos in assembly. They are elected for creating a livable environment for common people, not to destroy the calm environment people already have. So before declaring Hartal, think twice.