Monday, June 29, 2009

Review: The Inheritors: Is money thicker than blood? by Neel Chowdhury

The Inheritors written by Neel Chowdhury is discussing about the family concept and how strong it is, in the new world of economic liberalization and globalization.

Here the book is about a Calcutta Marwari family and their business. The Lohiya and company. The company is much diversified one and doing business in Steel, Jute, Automobiles, shipping, commodities, coal etc. The public listed company is controlled by Lohia family headed by Hari Lohia.

But the strike led by Marxist trade union against the shutdown of Motor cycle firm paralyzes the whole conglomerate. Using this opportunity Hari's sister 'Aruna' and her two sons tries to take over the company.

But Hari Lohia who single-handedly raised the company from a jute trading business to the conglomerate is not ready to give in. He is fighting back and in the way he find support from new sources- his daughter - Shivani and his sister Anjali.

In the way the story moves to the old forts of Rajasthan, the share markets of Mumbai, the hedge funds of Hong Kong, and also to the world of Japanese automakers.

It also analyses the effect of globalisation in Indian companies and the behaviour of trade unions in Bengal.

"The Inheritors" analyzes the strength and love in a family and how a family system is working. This book is a good one - discuss and combines the themes like business, family and trade unions. And tag line "Is money thicker than blood?" is analyzed all over the book.


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