Monday, June 29, 2009

North Korea - Missiles and Neuclear weapons

North Korea - Democratic Republic of Korea - lies in the northern half of Korean penisula in east Asia. But it is one of the country which always remains in the newspaper headlines eitther for its new missile tests, neuclear program or for the talks. The deplomacy showed by North Korea is actually a miracle; if they want to test any new missiles they wll test it, if they want talks they will do it too at their own will.

Just like any other Asian countries they too survived by countries towards which North Korea have very bad relationship the exception is China and Russia. And there is a six party talks going on to abolish the current neuclear program of North Korea. This talks may find a place for itsself in Ginnes Book of world records for the maximum number of times they joined for conference and this may be one of talks talks which always ends in success and then proved to bea failure. As North Korea will get some reson to move out of the conference, then US will become angry and then they will produce some statements, then China will come to the stage and organize the conference. This process will repeat for n number of times.

The only thing which really happens is that Norrth Korea become more and more advanced in technologies related to Missiles and Nuclear weapons. Thats why I already said they have a wonderful set of experts in deplomacy.

US will not attempt for a pre emptive strike on North Korea, nor wit will military engage in North Korea in any other ways as North Korea already have proven missile capabilities which can reach US shores. This was not the case for Afganisthan and Iraq. The othe possiblity i the cutting of the external financial funding for Korean Missile program, this will not stop the program but it will slow down the process. Economic anction will not do any effect as long as other countries are ready to fund the Missile program. The other way is to force China to pressure North Korea to abolsh the program. But pressurizing China is no an easy way; as some experts suggests one way is to allow Japan to attain neuclear capabilities if China is not ready to pressure North Korea. But will North Korea under Chinese pressure stop the program? This is one of the most difficult question to answer. May be they will. But along with unpredictable behaviour of North Korea, it is also one of the rare countries which doesnt have any problem in living isolated from international community.

So what will happen in the end? Yes you are right the marathon talks will go on for ever.


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