Monday, June 29, 2009

New Business

Saturday is almost over. Sun is going to the other part of earth after giving sunshine for hours. We too heading back to our room after our MS classes, saying the usual "bye" and "see you later" to all our friends. My roommate and me - starts to walk through the Hosur Road(NH 7) looking the new cars and buses passing through.

Volvo Vajra buses of BMTC (Bangalore Metro Transportation Corporation) looks mighty(Of course provides good traveling experience) except the fact that passengers are like small islands in an ocean.

There is only some 15 minutes to walk to our room in Electronic City but we walked as slow as possible, there is nothing much to do after reaching home. Except washing cloths but the mere thought of it forced us to walk more slowly.

But today there is something special -- we are not talking about the beautiful girls we saw today; but about business!! starting a new business.

I think that whatever we do, there is a limit for growth in a salary based economic system. Here your income is predictable, whoever you are and whatever profession you are in. If we are living in a society, then there is a energy level created by the society for us. Which is maximum energy level normally expected.

If you want to attain more energy you have to do something different. Which a normal person not expected to do. It may be a success or failure but whatever it is your energy level must be above that of society and this act will also rise the energy level of society creating a new maximum.

This case is applicable in the case of a salary based economic system. Here you are simply working and accepting the salary which is so less compared to the profit of the company . So we started to think in another way. Why don't start a new company? I know the risk is higher if we lose; then we lose everything, and the chances of losing is very high in this sub prime economic crisis. But if we want maximum gain then we should be ready to take the maximum risk.

So we started to think about new companies. From where to start? Slowly we approached Konappa Agrahara and sat in a well maintained ground there in the side of the NH7. So from where to start? I think that the success rate may be higher if we start goods or service which have an ever increasing demand, even in any crisis. Like food, water etc.

Whatever happened people cant avoid food, they may reduce the quantity but not completely, and corporate agriculture is not at all a bad business. In fact its potential is very high and i can predict that it will be in the forefront in the future. So what to do? Suddenly my friend asked about the capital, from where the money will come? I say my usual answer- banks, and other financial institutions. But he is not impressed by the idea.

Then we thought about supplying new ticket machines for the BMTC buses as they are still running on paper tickets. Then about starting a water supply chain in Bangalore. Water the diamond of future and whose value is accelerating. But again his question is about Capital. Which obviously we don't have, but for thinking money is not needed....!!!

Then I suggested the idea of supplying commodities for shopping malls especially food items. My own experience as a customer in Kerala says that corporate agriculture or cooperative farming is the future. Food production rate and consuming rate in Kerala is a wonderfull example for it.

Declaration in production and accelerating demand, and these rates itself telling about the logistical services it needed for the movement of food items from other states to Kerala, i think after some years the situation may expanded to many more states.

So started to thinking about logistical service. But again capital and time is the problem. But now sun is clearly going out of sight and so we left the discussions in the possiblities in Biotechnology, Energy proguction, Hydrid Vehicles, Electricity etc.

Thus we wind up the chat for the day and started to walk back to the room. But now everything became normal, we again talked about the beautiful girls we saw in the day......!!!!

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