Monday, June 29, 2009

Maoist Insurgency - The single biggest threat to India's security

Do you think that the terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir is the biggest problem for India? If your answer is yes, you are in the wrong side of number game. J&K stands at third place. In the last five years there are 4136 people died in J&K, 4324 died in North East and in the top 4405 people died in Maoist insurgency. Maoists have 22,000(approx) strong fighting force and whose presence are felt in 22 states covering 186 districts up from 51 districts in 2001. In the past 6 months alone 180 security personal and 41 paramilitary personals died. 262 rebels are also died in counter operations.

Victor Hugo said that "No power on earth can stop an idea whose time has come". Do you think suddenly people from many different terrains are adopting maoists principles and decide to propagate their ideas? the answer is a big no. Look at the situation in Lalgarh, where currently the biggest counter operation against Maoists are going on. Before starting the counter operation no one from other parts of India heared about this place. If that operation didnt happened may be no one will hear it in future too.

But Lalgarh is a place in the rapidly growing India - A country which dreams to become a super power- where people hardly get enough food to eat everyday. Women hide their body with single sarees, Its better not to talk about health care facilities; Water is often undrinkable and economic development is nowhere in the vicinity.

Apart from the growing cities in different parts of India there are villages and mountain terrains where people are still leading a life which is not even thinkable for the newly borned Indian middle class and the Indian elite. Politicians will say they are trying to distribute wealth and policy makers will say it will take time to rise the people from poverty and we are working on it.

If you ask politicians about the development of these areas they will say that - we already started many initiatives and its showing results; If he/she is from a ruling party); The ruling party is doing nothing; we will do so and so if we came to power(if he/she is from an opposite party). Ofcourse which will rise a question in our mind like "without power isnt it possible to work for the benefit of the people?"

It doesnt mean that no development happened; it happens in many states and in many cities but in the glamour of newly build cities and areas many places are left behind. These places - which are left behind long ago - are equally proves to be good ground for the maoists and remember its not difficult for anyone to get funding to fight against India. Money and arms will not be a problem for them. Central governemts is also send letters, with satellite images to all state governments and narcotics cell to destroy the narcotics plantations which is also believed to be the source of money for maoits and other insurgent groups. How far it will succeed in destroying these plantations? wait and watch...

As compared to terrorism in J&K, maoist insurgency is rapidly expanding and building their own free zones in the remote tribel areas and other places of the India. Now government is taking another move to stop to the maoist insurgency with combined operations of paramilitary and State police in Lalgarh region and may be it will expanded to other parts of country. Indian army starts to train personals and Airforce is also taking part in rescuing wounded personals. Army is also seeing the possiblity of being deployed in maoist hit regions o the country.

In the due course various state governments and central government may remove the maoist insurgence from Indian mainland. But the question remains there. will they try to improve the situations in Lalgarh and regions like that?


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