Monday, June 29, 2009

A nice Sunday in Laalbhagh(Bangalore)

Lalbagh Glasshouse
Sundays are coming fast; is it due to some global effect? and it going faster!!! one more Sunday come. I decided to go somewhere in this Sunday. Thought about so many places but don't know the exact route and some places are outside the city(Bangalore). i think we have to make a proper plan before going somewhere it will save time, money and remove the unnecessary tensions.

I started my journey from Electronic City in the afternoon. Directly went to Madiwala. The Sundays effect is clearly visible, there isn't the usual traffic and a lot of empty seats.

One of my friend told me that i have to board in any bus going to 'market'. I started to ask many BMTC drivers and conductors whether the bus will go to Laalbhagh, in the end i got one bus. This time one couple sitting in my front seat too going to Laalbhagh. Hmm.. No need to ask the conductor to inform when the place is reached. After passing NIMHANS the bus reached the main gate gate of laalbhagh Botanical garden.

Laalbhagh Botanical Garden have an area of 240 Acres, lying at an altitude of 920 MTS>MSL, with a latitude 12° 8' N and a longitude of 77° 37'E.

For an adult ticket rate is 10Rs. I bought one went into the park. A mammoth clock by HMT will welcome you to the park and the interesting thing is that its working and shows the correct time with a correction of only ±3 sec/month. Just behind the clock there is a statue of Kempa Gawda sitting in a horse with a sword on one hand.

ho no a lot of ways going in different directions. I went to the left and gone through the road. If you want there is a small vehicle for you, which will give you a ride through the park. I started walking through the road, but i didn't got one thing why did they built that roads in the garden? Its better to use clay tiles with half of its width or even they can use rocks. In the garden these roads occupied more space than that of trees!!! No need for these much roads inside the garden.

After some time I reached a site with a small hill of rock. The description board says about its importance in revealing the various procedures occurred in formation of Earth. In the top of that rock a beautiful mandap is situated. Descriptions says that its the 1 of the 4 pillers planted by Kempa Gowda to mark the Bangalore city. Government beautified and renovated it... but "we the people" are not leaving any possible chances in vandalism.

After that I reached the Laalbhagh lake, Authorities built a new way around the lake and can be used for sight seeing and jogging. The lake is beautiful and there is a small island in the middle of the lake. The total scenario is vary beautiful. But again we the people are not leaving any chances. Plastic covers, bottles are thrown somewhere and not even left the beautiful lake. If authorities didn't monitor it constantly it may be transformed in to dustbin.

But here i appreciate the actions taken by authorities. People are coming in large numbers to the park, there are more number of people than the total number of trees, but even then the place is clean and there are facilities to walk everywhere. But we the visitors have to cooperate with them...

If you are coming alone as i gone- you can watch the beautiful trees, can sit sometime in the park benches, can enjoy the various activities of monkeys and view the beautiful lake. If you are a jogger this is a good place for you. If you are coming with family you can enjoy a nice weekend. But if you are coming with you 'spouse' or 'boy/girl friend' this is the excellent place for you. You will not get any other better place in the entire Bangalore!!! So welcome to the destination...

The other attractions in laal bhagh is its various parks and Glass house. Glass house is built in 1889 at the time when prince of Whales Albert came to Bangalore, in the model of the crystal palace of London. A beautiful monument with its special verity... covered completely with glass.

Now the time turns to evening and i reached the main gate again. Now its the time to saw bye to Laalbhagh. I went outside and retraced the route to Electronic city. And the Sunday(the last Sunday of 2008) too over...


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