Tuesday, June 30, 2009

After 17 long years Liberhan Commission report submitted to the Government

I took 17 long years to submit a report to the government. Do you wonder in which country this was happened? This happened in the same country where a case took 13 years to reach the verdict- 1993 Mumbai blasts.

Liberhan commission was created to inquire the circumstances leading to the demolition of Babri masjid, and they are asked to submit he report on march 16,1993.(but submitted only on June 30, 2009). Liberhan commision is the costliest commission in the history of India which drained 8 crore from government exchequer. This longest serving commission got 48 extentions from Government.

This is another system unique to Indian political architecture. If something happened first Local Police will register the FIR, they will enquire the case for a long term. If they found unable to find the culprit the case will be moved to Crime Branch, if they are unsuccessful the case will go in to the hands of CBI. In between a good number of years will go. Its may be God's wish that Parliment didnt created another agencey above CBI to investigate. Otherwise who knows when all these procedures will end?

The other fancy of Indian politicians is that if some major incident happens then they will create a judicial commission to investigate the matter. It will took many years to submit the report and even if it submitted, its not at all necessary for the government to impliment it.

Anyway its high time to change the speed of Indian judicial system. What is the use if the case go on for some 10 years and finally the court find that the accused is not guilty? He/She will lose their 10 years in jail waiting for the verdict. And the other thing government to focus on is its cost. The cost for running a case for many years will turn even the wealthy man to bankrupty and poor people will not even try it. Costlier and Lengthier judicial system will ot serve its purpose in the right manner. So make it cheap and short.


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