Monday, June 29, 2009

Nature calling- In Bannerghatta National Park

At last second exam too over, now two happy days ahead.The exams here reffered are the exams in the training session. After so much tensed days results gave a source for happiness. Now I can go to Bennargatta National Park with a calm mind.

As i was a little late in waking up on the day (as usual in holidays!!!) coupled with the absence of postoffice (he he he... I didnt saw a postoffice in Bangalore city even after one and half months living here;and today iam searching for one!!!). Anyway i started my oddesy to Bannargatta at 8.30am in the morning after breakfast from a hotel in Electronic City. Reached Madivala in a cab and after the 'discovery?' of the postoffice near to Ayyappa Temple in Madiwala and ofcourse posting the letter;I went back to Silk Board. Yes the research station set up by the Government for research in Silk Technology.

Now have to go to Bennargatta National Park. Who knows what will be the travelling cost? If you have any doubts about your travelling cost or if you have to go in a long journey in Bangalore City take a BMTC buss pass. I too did it and as usual relied on bus conductors for information about the busstops and routes.

If you have any doubt about the route or you are new to the place directly ask the doubt to the bus conductors or drivers; it is best option as far as i know. Ofcourse you can go for a yahoo maps or anyother mapping services. I boarded to the bus from the Silk Board bus stop[Bus stop which is just in front of Silk board research center's gate] and went out when the bus reached Bennargatta road.

Fram that junction [Jaydeva hospital] i took left for the next bus stop; after some 200 metres i reached the busstop and some time later got a BMTC bus.

The bus is going on and on, and the cell info display in my mobile only shows "Bennargatta Road". If you are going through places unknown to you, on you cell info display in your mobile. Its may not show the accurate info about the place but atleast you can know where you are.

So at last i asked my fellow passenges to inform me when the bus reaches Bennargatta. After some time we later reached the IIMB campus, fenced with a long stone wall and trees. The places like Goottigere and someother are passed and in one stop my fellow traveller is trying to going out. Bennargatta reached? yes it is.I went out and saw that the road is splitted into two. I thought that the other road is going to Bennargatta and quickly crossed the road and asked to bus driver who is going in that route. He told me that i have to go in the same direction- in the same bus i came upto here!!! Anyway the bus isnt gone and i entered into the same bus i was travelling.

Sometime later it reached Bennergatta and I went out. Now its time for buying tickets, there are bear safari, tiger safari, Grand Safari with different rates for week days and week ends and also separate rate for childs adults and senior citizen. As Grand safari coveres everything I opted for it-125Rs(As it was saturday). This ticket covers every thing except ticket for butterfly garden and Elephant safari.

I also saw the rates for various tours operated by tourism dept og Gov of Karnataka. As i was considering to go all the places i can, thought that will look for it when i came back-which i forget, anyway it may be in the web. Ho no the queue for grand safari is very long anyway i too joined in that line. after a very long number of minutes i entered into the bus for my grand safari.

But the inner side of the vehicle pumped out half of my enthusiasm. It have semi transperent glasses. How i can viewM through it? If Gov can put a fully transperent glass for Vajra and for other buses which shows each and every motion of passengers to the outsiders why they put this glass now for me? May be other vehicles have better glasses.

The road is yet to created for travelling(i think the work is going on..). I think the bad condition of road and vehicle create more sound than the roaring of a lion. Anyway we the people of India will made very good environment for lions and continues to do so becouse of which lions feel boared and saying TATA to India.

Its going on and all the animals are coming in the left side and iam sitting in the right side. A crocodile in the pond, horse and its beautiful son/daughter, deers. After sometime we entered into bear park and this time some 4-5 bears on the right side!!! If Iam right they are mating-in the open place!!! or we entered into their proximities? I think the second one is right. I dont know why bear prefer walking so much, i saw one bear walking here and there all the time.

Then entered into tiger park. hmmm now they are only seen in the parks,zoo and in TV channels- we provide excellent facilities for then too na. that why they too become bored!!! Why we dont understand that the right to live is same for a human and an animal? Why dont we agree that they too have the same rights on earth as we have? No we agree but will not act We agree on each every good things. We will agree that we will pay the tax but will will do whatever we can to reduce the tax. But here all the tigers are sleeping, as the time is in between 12 and 1pm. I saw the white tiger for the first time in the real world. after seeeing us he raised his head and give us-the unwelcomed? visitors- a royal look and went to his sleep again. In the end of tiger park we saw some tigers in the cages- but they are not sleeping, why? i dont know. If you know the answer please let me know.

I think i forget to mention about something.. Anyway we completed the grand? safari and went back. The butterfly park is on the way and you can visit there after buying separate tickets.

I reached the park and start looking in to all the cages- Cobras, ducks,samba, spotted bear, Black Buck, Himalayan Black Bear, The Indian Porcupine, Star tortoise, Spotted munia, Rose ring parakeet, Red eared slider turtle,Peacock, Night Heron, Macaque Rhesus, Love birds, Jackal,Zebra, White peacock, Elephant, Hanuman Langoor, Grey Jungle fowl, Lion Taled monkey, Crocodiles, Cocktail, Pegion and someother birds animals and reptiles.

There was a poster on the board "wild life films" for adults its only 5 Rs, i took one ticket and went inside. Hmm there isnt much people to saw it. Anyway i like to watch wildlife programs; and after leaving home to bangalore - some one and half months before -i didnt saw any films. its a nice series of documentries on animals "The life of Mammals", "The snakes of India" etc taken by foreigners.

I dont know why not so much Indians are interested in it. I saw the documentries- programs like "Bhoomi" in Doordarshan by Indians; but not much-even if we have the high biodiversity.The documentries were excellent and the ticket charge is very low, you can go for one if you ever visit Bennargatta.

But the places we gone in the name of 'Grand Safari' is like a garden of trees.May be i feel so because of the fact that i went after the end of monsoon season. But the absence of dense forests and good number of tall trees are clearly visible.

In the caged park small descriptions are very helpful, some of it reads that- if iam right i read this one for Jackal- they travel all the time with a speed of 30/40kph and for Great Pied hornbill- they make their nest in the top of huge trees, and they are now endangered species because of the loss of such trees. Leopards prefer long jumps and live in solitude... But what are they doing in this cages?

I like the other side of Bennargatta- the open zoo,but caged zoo??? remember that they too have feelings and wishes for mating. I dont know wheather they allow the animals to live their normal life atleast for some months in a year; arent we giving them the life imprisonment without any charge? and we enjoy by seeing their helpless situation in the cage. Time came of the removal of cages and adopt the culture of open zoos.

Its our reqirement to saw them, not their(animals) requirement to shown us their body. So lets saw them in their natural habitat.

Now its time to go back. You can enter into busses from there. This time i entered into Vajra busand for the first time i saw experienced a tightly packed Vajra bus with no place to sit. Anyway i reached Jayadeva Hospital and went to Silk Board in another BMTC using my pass and then finally to Electronic City..


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