Monday, June 29, 2009

To Bangalore...

After a long waiting its the time to go-to Bangalore. This time one month earlier than expected. Bangalore once known as the pensioners paradise and now the IT capital of India, rapidly growing city. What is awaiting there for me?

Any way I started my journey in the evening. From Mannarkkad to Palakkad on the highway through KSRTC(Kerala State Road Transport Corporation). I dont know why corporation prefered this red and yellow colour? why cant they apply some good combinations? After all they are running for making money not to frighten the customers. Venad and Malabar class had good combinations but now they to going to that red and yellow colours.

What the problem with goverment to adopt new colour combinations? Traffic police personals are in white shirts; for what? Absorbing more dust from road? school buses in yellow, childs who are living the world of colours got the single coloured buses!!! why? who knows...

In the evening around 6.45 I reached Palakkad Railway Station. The profit of Indian Railway is visible in the railway station.. rennovation work is going on in the station. But the news i got from the station was a very dissappointing on- train is late and that too for 3.45 hours. now i have to wait for the 7.55pm train upto 11.45 in the night.

After some time i entered into the platform, the sight was not at all good. The station is good one but the trains(general compartments) are tightly packed by passengers; in such a way that because of the internal presssure the compartments may burst out. This may results in generating new equations for atomic packing values and give rise to a new branch in solid state Physics.

Why railway not running more trains in Kerala-Bangalore route? In this route tickets are reserved well in advance and the number of travellers are very high. I am sure it will only profits for Southern railway.

Some time later another announcement came to give us the information that train will not show her face untill clock turns 00.30 hours(That means next day!!!). I simply sat in the platform. At last it came...

A journey in the night is a particular experience, moving below the stars in the cool night air. Iam going throught this route for the first time. Want to saw Coimbatore, Salem etc which are on the way but sleepy body didnt allowed it. So I decided to saw these places in a later time and went for my first night (I mean its the first time i am spending my night in train- not the first night what it usually refers too!!!) in train. But I got messages from Airtel-'Airtel Tamilnadu Welcomes you', 'Airtel Andrapradesh welcomes you' and in the end 'Airtel Karnataka welcomes you' in time to time.

Atlast in Karnataka for the first time, the outside view was very different from that of Kerala, homes are low in number. In Kerala its difficult to locate a thinnly populated place except in forests!!! Here places are mostly flat for some time contradict to hilly architecture of Kerala, and some hills(rockes only.. no trees). Aftersome time some houses are came into view but all of them have small windows.. Why? In Kerala most of the houses have large windows. and then some corps too. But the noticeble thing is that i didnt saw any rivers after i woke up in the morning. How they get large amounts of water for irrigation? from wells? I dont know..

As we enter in to the out skirts of the city 1 floor building give way to multi floor buildings, and we reach Whitefield station.. hmm atlast our destination came- next station- Krishna Raja Puram(K R Puram). One of my relative came in to that station to receive me, and then we went to his home and have a good breakfast from there.They also arranged a room for me near to Wipro's corporate office in Sarjapura road- in a place called Kasavanahalli. My relative introduced me the places in the way to Sarjapura. Buildings are very high but the particular thing i noted is that the city is very flat. We went directly to saw Wipro's corporate office, where i have to go on the very next day. Who knows what is waiting for me there at tomorrow.

In the way to Kaikondrahalli to Hosur road(short cut through Kasavana halli and central Jail) i saw the Bosch office, Amritha Engg College too is on the way. I went back to our room in Kasavanahalli and spend rest of the time there. At last it came to night yes my first night in Bangalore..


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