Monday, June 29, 2009

Maruti 800 - Which brought the revolution in Indian Transportation sector - is going to be retired

Maruti 800

There was a time when Indian roads are dominated by Ambassador and Ford cars. At that time buying a car is beyond the scope of a common man because of its prices; time went on but the situation didn't improve; cars remain the monopoly of the elite.

In that time like a monsoon rain Maruti 800 hit the Indian market and redefined the meaning of transportation. People welcomed the small beautiful small car- it became the 'beetle' of India - and for more than 2 decade it continued to dominate Indian markets with more than 27 lack units sold.

This small beautiful car manufactured by Maruti Susuki India Ltd(Maruti Udyog) have 796 cc, 3 cylinder 4 stroke water cooled engine, which gives a power of 37 bhp and 38 ps and a maximum speed around 125kph.

The car becomes an iconic model not only for Maruti but also for the entire country. For many years people from different sections of the society used the car and it remained the most sold car in Indian market until Maruti Alto secured the position some years back. But now after some 25 years when India is going to Euro 4 standard Maruti 800 along with another popular model from the same manufacturer Omni is going to retire. Company declared that they are not going to upgrade the engine to obey the euro 4 standards.

It will be away from 11 cities of India in 2009 but will be available in other cities until 2016 and after then it will be completely phased out. The death of a generation which changed Indian traffic System.

Good Bye Maruti 800.... Rest in Peace....


Photo Courtesy: Maruti Suzuki India Ltd

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