Sunday, August 16, 2015

Power cut – Relieved from walking dead

Most Indians hate power cut. They curse government, electricity board, rain etc for disconnecting their power lines. After all who would like to miss the latest episode of ‘some’ serial which was running for last five years and guaranteed to run for next five years? Who would like miss an occasion to see, how many likes their latest profile pic got in facebook? Who would like to miss the hot new on next scam? As someone pointed out earlier, in a world where people are constantly tweeting, checking in and playing candicrush like zombies; it is difficult without electricity, even if that is for a minute.

Two days back there was heavy rain in Bangalore and as an immediate consequence current went off. Except some rays creeping in through the open door there was hardly any light. I can’t imagine how relieved I was; it was a kind of sudden detachment from everything that is connected – from internet, from television, from music systems, from whatsup etc. In order to complete the circle, I turned off mobile as well. Silence creeped in for a couple of minutes.

At that time, there were three of us - me, Jithu and Arun. We quickly started talking about things, which we may never do if there was no power cut - about childhood, about job, about life etc. Then we went for dosa at a roadside stall. Some 25-30 people were there, some of them were simply looking at the rain thinking when it would stop; some were quickly sending messages; some others were updating their new status on facebook; and the rest were running towards their home/PGs. We spend next 20-30 minutes there, eating dosas and having hot lime tea. Current didn’t come; only the music of rain and beauty of night. I was so relieved.

Isn’t it better to have some power cuts (no inverters, no mobile etc) for some 30 minutes everyday?  Without doubt it will create some room for talking to people staying in next apartment; why next apartment? it will give time for talking to person sitting next to you. Atleast for some time let’s come out of this zombie mindset.


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