Thursday, August 20, 2015

Food on the Wall – Malappuram

First time I heard about ‘Food on the wall’ concept from a friend who recently visited Turkey. Idea is straight forward. In addition to buying meal from restaurant one can tell the waiter to place one on the wall. In this case he will bring your food for you and post a token on the wall. Now a person – who don’t have enough money to buy food – can come to restaurant, take the coupon and have food. The beauty of the idea is, one don’t have to beg money for buying food; (s)he can go to hotel with full self-respect and can have what (s)he wants. In addition to that, it’s your choice whether to spend money for this purpose.

Now Malappuram (Kerala) district is going to introduce this idea in their restaurants. Interestingly 64 restaurants agreed for this project and many of them were also ready to provide meals at reduced rates. Please join with me in wishing all success for this project. 
I hope, people won’t abuse this facility.


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