Friday, August 28, 2015

Buying costly memories, this time it’s by Maharashtra

Finally Maharashtra government bought the building, where Ambedkar lived as a student while studying at London School of Economics (LSE) during 1921-22. This deal is going to cost 31 crore (3.1 million pound) to the government.

I wonder why gov bought this property in the first place. Was it so necessary to spend such a big amount in London? By the way, now government have to spend more money on converting it to a museum; paying salaries to people who are going to work there.

Why our governments always do these type of things? Buying historical swords, letters written by national leaders, reading glasses, houses (where independence era leaders once stayed, even if it is for a year), building mammoth statues on sea, in the middle of dams, on the side of every roads, every junctions etc.

Gandhi might have written hundreds of letters to foreigners; Ambedkar, Nehru, JP Narayan etc  might have stayed (abroad) in more than one house. Are we going to buy all those properties at such extravagant prices? Can't we let it go (after all we have so many such things here in India itself)? If government of Maharashtra want to build a museum and preserve something, then preserve Ellora, Ajanta, Aurangabad etc.

A major turning point in Ambedkar's life was, when he got ‘Baroda State Scholarship’ of £11.50 (Sterling)/month for 3 years (for studying abroad) under a scheme established by Gaekwad of Baroda.

Can't Maharashtra gov introduce some scholarships in Ambedkar's name for bright students to study abroad instead of buying some building for such gigantic sums in order to get some political mileage?

Singapore done that, and it was successful. So why can’t Maharashtra


1. Maharashtra government buys BR Ambedkar's house in London - HT

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