Sunday, August 30, 2015

Karnataka – Power politics and Horse trading

Karnataka politics is innovative and a model to whole world. One can’t say, for how long one MLA/MLC will be with one party. In between winning an election and forming a government anything can happen. So most of the political parties would pack their MLA/MLC/Councillors off to some resorts in Goa, Kerala etc to save them from the hawkish eyes of powerful and influential horse traders. This time also – after BBMP election – it’s not so different.

After BBMP election BJP became the single largest party with a simple majority (101 seats) in 198 member strong assembly. Congress got 78 and JD(S) got 14.

The problem is when we add non-council members who can vote in BBMP – like MPs, MLAs and MLCs. If we take them in to consideration, then BJP fall short of simple majority by 3.

So what to do? Traditional solution is very simple; pick some councillors from JD(S).

Congress and BJP are doing exactly the same. So what is the best option for JD(S) in this situation? You may think, it’s better for them to support Congress or BJP. But no, JD(S) leadership become wiser over a period of time, especially after Operation Lotus. They did the best possible thing they can do; pack their councillors to some secret resort in Kerala. This is to cut any link they can have from horse traders of both BJP and Congress.

In coming days you can see a lot of political drama in Bangalore (it may even beat ‘Game of Throne’ series). Buying, selling, cheating… anything.

When our leaders of 40’s made India a representative democracy they might not have imagined that horse traders also have a big role in it.


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