Friday, August 28, 2015

Equality, Liquor Ban and Kerala Government

Equality before law means all should be treated equal before the law, there should not be any discrimination based on religion, caste, race gender etc. We hardly practice this in daily life, but most of the time government resisted their urge to sanction orders which violate this principle.

These things hardly mattered to Kerala government when it ordered ban on the sale of liquor. In a highly politically charged environment, where religious and political leaders were trying to appear as the apostle of morality and righteousness; government silenced everyone with the stroke of pen – by banning the sale of liquor. However, there was a catch, government subsequently allowed the sale in five star hotels.

There was no doubt that, a state which drinks alcohol like water and sale of liquor contributes heavily to fill state's empty coffers, industrialists (glorified term for bar owners, after all this may be one of the last remaining factory jobs in Kerala) will go to court.

I think either the government should allow the sale of alcohol to all licensed bars or to one at all. If they think it will affect tourists coming to Kerala, then only a person having foreign country’s passport should be allowed to buy it. They can also selectively allow/terminate the sale of certain drinks.

But is it correct to ban liquor sale to everyone but only to those who can spend money in 5 star hotel? Anyway, Supreme Court will soon give verdict on this matter.


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