Saturday, January 3, 2015

Sikkim - Leading the way in Organic Farming

Madiwala Agricltural Market - Bangalore, India
People don’t take poison knowingly, unless one is keen to commit suicide. But every day we are doing exactly the same, by consuming food items cultivated using extreme high quantities of fertilizers and then added another set of preservatives to keep it fresh for long time. I don’t have problems with using right fertilizers in right amounts, but…

It is in this situation Sikkim’s (a picturesque state located in the lap of Himalayas) drive for organic farming make sense. State already set a goal of becoming an organic agricultural state. This is indeed a great experiment which other states can also follow. I do believe that fully organic produces will also bring a premium to their cultivators, and less diseases to the consumers.

However this is not enough. It’s the responsibility of government, especially agricultural ministry to regulate the use of fertilizers and ban the ones which are not fit for use.


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