Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Rape of 22 year old Japanese tourist – Cruelty beyond imagination

I wonder how those five men turned to cruel animals and inflicted horrible, unspeakable cruelty on another human being. That 22 year old Japanese girl might never thought that, she will be held as sex slave for one month; raped by five men who approached her earlier as tourist guides. As per the allegations this entire thing started in Kolkata and ended in the holy city – Bodh Gaya.

It’s ironic that four years back another young woman was raped in Bodh Gaya; the same place where Buddha attained enlightenment!!!
Is India becoming more unsafe for girls and women with the passage of every day? Even in Bangalore located at other side of India, girls think twice before going out after 8 in the night. They need to think twice, for staying late in the office. In national capital, it’s hard for women to go out alone in the night. In many states girls have to face sexual assault as punishment for so called crimes committed by their siblings. By the way, marrying a person of their choice is also considered as crime; if it’s an inter-caste marriage then punishment is nothing less than death!!!
We claim we are better than everyone; the so called cultured ones; those who issue statements when someone is stoned to death in some Middle East countries; or gang raped in some African countries. We are ready to rise, if someone even mildly criticized our culture, social traditions…
This is a national crisis. After hearing these type of news how many foreigners, especially women, will dare to come to India? Forget tourism, even for business purpose? Police and other central and state government agencies need to wake up and face these grave issues which are tearing apart the very fundamentals of our social fabric. This can’t be allowed in Indian soil.
I want to tell to our Japanese friend that, in this moment of crisis we Indian's are with you.

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