Sunday, January 18, 2015

Brave Kids of India - Those who lived up to the situation

Republic will confer Bravery awards to 24 brave kids on Jan 26
Confucius once told, “If you see what is right and fail to act on that, you lack courage”.

Many of us often fell in to this situation, where we know something happening in front of us is not right; but we often lack the courage to do something to stop it, to act against it.

Here are those 24(16 boys and 8 girls) brave kids of India upon whom the republic will confer National Bravery Awards. I salute each of those brave kids (and others), who lived up to the situation and fought against injustice.

Bharat Award – went to 16.5 year old Resham Fatma (Uttar Pradesh), a victim of Acid attack, for putting on a brave face while fighting off her persecutor.

Geeta Chopra Award – Went to 13.5 year old Gunjan Sharma (Assam) who displayed exemplary valour in saving her friends from their abductor.

Sanjay Chopra Award – Went to 16.5 year old Devesh Kumar (Uttar Pradesh) who displayed outstanding courage while confronting two chain-snatchers.

BapuGaidhani Award – Went to,
13.5 year old Rumoh Meto - who saved a person from electrocution – from Arunachal Pradesh,
15 year old Late Riya Chaudhary – who sacrificed her life while trying to save her father from those who attacked her family members - from Uttar Pradesh and
16 year old Late Monika - who lost her life while trying to save a child from drowning - from Uttarakhand.

Other recipients of bravery award are,
Zeal Jitendra Marathe, HiralJitubhaiHalpati and Late Master Gaurav Kumar Bharti (all from Gujarat),
Master Sahanesh R (Karnataka),
AshwiniBanduUghade (Maharashtra),
Brainson Singh and Tooldev Sharma (both from Manipur),
Ripa Das (Tripura),
Balram Dansena (Chhattisgarh),
Rajdeep Das (Jharkhand),
Anjith, Aqil Mohammad and Midhun (all from Kerala),
Stevenson Lawriniang (Meghalaya),
Late Mesak K Remnalalnghaka (Mizoram),
Mhonbeni Equng (Nagaland),
Labhanshu (Uttarakhand) and
Late Gaurav Kumar Bharti (Uttar Pradesh)

Once again my salute to all those brave kids. Let’s make a decision that when next time something wrong happens in front of us, we will rise up to the situation and help the victims as well as law enforcement agencies.



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