Saturday, January 3, 2015

Why not in the front seat and drive?

Is there any study which establish,
Women drivers makes more accidents?
Women drivers are responsible for more deaths?
Women do rasher driving?
Women drivers break more traffic rules?
Women don’t have the physical fitness to drive?
Women can’t focus on road?

As far as I know there is no study, which answers any of the questions mentioned above positively.
Let’s come to religion? Is there any religion which bans women from driving? Most of the religions, which have mass following, were established more than four hundred years back. In short before the emergence of steam engine and auto mobile revolution. So, if someone is not twisting the rules (for that matter creating their own rules) to suit themselves, religion is also not restricting any women from driving.

If Saudi women can sit in the back of a car and travel then why not in the front? And why such civilian matters are transferring to the courts which deals with terrorism related charges?


1. Saudi women drivers referred to terrorism court - The Hindu

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