Sunday, December 21, 2014

'Made In India' quickly becoming an endangered word

India is a land of festivals, colours and celebrations. We have one or other festival coming in every month from Jan to Dec. Without looking in to economic growth charts, we celebrate every one of them with increasing vigor. As this year comes to an end, we are now celebrating Christmas. I was walking through the streets of Bangalore, lined with stores selling Christmas trees, stars and other decoration items..

Decoration Items for Christmas


I went in to one of them with two friends. While they were buying items for decorating Christmas tree, I just checked the stickers pasted on that. Surprisingly all carry the marks – ‘Made in China’. From teddy bears to crackers to kitchen equipment to electronic gears. What more, even flags for celebrating Independence Day is coming from China in these days.

Just think about the scenario; small plastic toys manufactured in Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai etc travelled all the way through ocean and probably reached Colombo, Chennai or Mumbai seaports and then travelled all the way to Bangalore through land. Imagine!!! all the additional cost that particular toy might have incurred; still it beats Indian products and found prominent places in shops.

I am not a swadeshi camp follower, believe me I am not. Still, I am concerned about the erosion of our manufacturing industry. That day might not be far away when we no longer see any ‘Made In India’ toys, kitchen equipments, sport gears…. The list is too long.


Photo Courtesy: Rakesh

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