Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What is marketing?

Whenever a new product launches, it will be followed by a lot of ads in TV, news papers etc. Now a days People doesn't watch a channel continuously for more than some 15-20 mins. Reson - in every 10-15 mins there will be a break and it will last so long that he may even forget the story of the movie/seriels.

If we are watching a super hit movie then, it will be difficult to find out whether ads are comming in between the movie or movie is showing in between ads.

Famous people will come in these ads and will ask us to buy the so and so products which have 'n' number of qualities. But viewers are very good in managing these breaks, they will use their remote - which is not remote fom their hands - to change the channels. The people who have the authority over remote control have special powers. They will change the channels according to their wishes. Many may want to change to some fassion channels - but neither will ask it openly nor they do it so. Ultimately we will saw many movies and love stories but often will be under confusion about the story itself after some 2-3 breaks.

Cricket is another thing, it dosn't offer much time for break. Break may be as short as the wicket keeper reaching the opposite end of the pitch. If he run to the opposite end? It will surely results in high blood pressure to the tv crew.

Situations like this often leads to show 4 balls in the over - rest 2 balls will be taken away by ads. If its the last overs then the celebrity will not get enough time to drink the newly launched mineral water; Or somone will not get enough time to finish the bath after using the new soap or action hearos may catch the mineral water bottle after a long jump from mountain(ofcouse they cant die), but may not be able to drink it. The next over may already started, fans will not allow to cut the last overs in a game.

Recently i saw these lines in a magazine. It says somthing like this. Marketting is a method which will create problems in consumers mind, about whose existence they may not even know!!! and the product will solve their problem!!!

And the winner of the game will be the one who was able to create more problems and offer all the solutions!!!


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