Monday, September 7, 2009

Lost Sundays

Usually people dislike mondays and like Fridays; why? Ofcourse no trophy for right answer. Saturdays and sundays are going too fast causing too much worry to mind!!! Is nt possible that sundays may extended to 29-30 hours? taking one hour each from monday to friday?

I Still remember the old days when I was in school. Just going to school and coming back in the evening. Then running to the ground for playing cricket. We played as long as our small rubber ball is visible to us or it broke apart and nobody is interested in funding for another one. Most of the time we stop playing not because of sunset or due to the end of the match but our ball will go to some bush patches and it will be impossible to find it in the evening.

Oh how many overs are wasted!!! In that days we played 6 over, 10 over games only. People start copying it and started 20-20 format!!! Actually we forget to patent it!!! Forgt to say, there where tests too. In which a person can bat as long as they keep their wickets; ofcourse no second innings. We too have some triple centuries.

The problem is with umpairing. There will not be any umpaire at all. Everyone wants batting, or want to become wicket keeper; so noboby was interested in umpairing. Many dislikes fielding too; as fielder have to run after the ball all the time, and have to search the ball in the thick bushes, paddy fields and wells. Oh forget to say we have 2 open wells in the boundries. In fact if the batsman played the ball in to well he is out.

Once the ball went to wells then someone will capture the ball using bucket and play will continue. We where exprets in methods to take the ball out of the wells. If the rop and bucket method is not possible then somone will get down in to the well using ropes and took the ball out. In fact I used this rope method to get in to the well once. Believe me it was not at all good to look at the sky from that depths for the first time. Second time it will be ok. (I think so, no second time experience).

Each year after the paddy season we made our own pitch in the middle of the vast field and play there untill the next paddy season begins. Later we moved in to rubber plantations for playing cricket. There will be considerable space between each rubber trees and that pattern will be maintained all over the plantation.

But now everything look like a distant memory. No more paddy fields, no more playing grounds; even I cant see a open well here. I spent another lonely sunday in our room. Now again monday came.


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