Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Its raining again, but...

Do you like rains? Do you like seeing the rain for a long time? Do you like to walk through heavy rain? Do you like to stand in open space during rain? If anyone ask me these questions my answers will be yes, yes, yes I like.

I like rain - and of course the entire monsoon. In my home state- Kerala- usually rain will come in the first week of June. Precisely at the same time schools will open after 2 months of summer vacation. (In that days 2 month summer vacation means the whole 60 days - except for 10th standard, after 9th standard the vacation is for 30 days only). In that days no one even imagined about tuition classes at the time of summer vacation.

But when the classes opens for the new standard, rain too will come. Morning will be cool and shiny. But just before we leave the school - in that days school time was from 10.00-4.00pm - rain will come with all her power accompanied by strong thunder and lightning. And it will be continued for next 2-4 hours. After a break it will again come in the night.

After my 4th class I joined in another school some 2-3kms away. And we have to cross some 1 km wide paddy field. Its length was some 10 or more kms. After raining the fields will full of water and the borders will be wiped out due to the force of water. So we have to make a long jumps, some 4-5 times, if we don't want to be drenched. And in the morning - before reaching the school no one want be drenched in the rain. But in the afternoon when we come back we have no problem.

Now a days, i don't think any student us that way to go our previous school. Now all most all schools have their own buses. When i reached High school- again another school- there was some 12 buses. As the paddy no longer remains highly profitable farmers changed their crop to Banana and many transformed paddy fields to coconut fields. Recently when i went through that way - some 1 year back- it was almost empty.

In that days we played cricket in the middle of rains. Today here in Bangalore approximately 400kms away from home, rains looks like the ghost of the past. Its coming and going, lasts only for a small interval of time and have to wait for a long time to see again. Here in Electronic City water tankers are moving through the road all the time.

We have to pay for water. And the news of drought are coming from many part of the country. Now a days the pattern of monsoon changed drastically. Either there will be floods or there will be drought.

Will the monsoon again become monsoon of the past so that i can walk though the rain once again?


PS: After I post this blog i started walking to my room. Some 22 minutes from here, rains came back and lasted until i reach there. It was a very good experience to walk though that rain . . . and now waiting or the next one...

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