Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My dilemma with Macaroni corn

I often felt that on most of the hotels, menu for vegetarians are not so diverse. Most of the time it will be limited to some 4-5 items. If its the time for lunch then menu will contain 'n' number of items made out of Chicken. But for vegetarian like me it will very difficult to find out which one contains egg and chicken and which one not.

Often what happen is that at the time of lunch, there will be two type of curries. one sambar and another on will be some fish curry. If you forget to tell in advance that you want- sambar only- then many will give you fish curry too. Many times i got fish curry and had to replace the full meal.

Now a days back in my home town - in Kerala - many people prefer non veg for marriage parties and other parties. In these functions there will be a large section for non-veg and a small section for vegetarians. Anyway I like to continue with vegetarianism.

Recently I went to a hotel in Bangalore. There was a new item in the menu, called Health combo (available with and without soup, if you go for without soup then you will get salads only). Who don't want to protect health, the number of diseases now days is so terrifying and on top of it new diseases are coming. Scientists stopped naming it with words only; now a days they use a combination of alphabets and numbers!!! So i went for Health meal, as i don't like soups i went or salads only.

Self serving (simply means i can take different salads i like, but the catch here is that it should not exceed one bowl - As the hotel and place changes conditions will be different), there ware some 8-10 items, and a small bowl of fruits - watermelon, papaya etc. As like anyone else i too want value or money!!!

But there was an interesting item. Numerous pieces of small white half circled thing. In the race for getting the maximum i didn't looked into this new member. But just before start eating the fundamental question of a vegetarian raised again. This new one is veg or non veg? The half circled item was looking good, and i took many of it, now if it turns non-veg?

Anyway i asked to the person who was standing there to serve the meals. For my goodness he said that all are veg only. I asked him what is the name these pieces. He said something, i heared something!!! Anyway i completed my lunch with this health meal.

But what was that small white pieces? it was interesting and tastes differently, whatever be the name i like it. Before leaving i asked for the name once again. He repeated it twice and now i got it. Its name is Macaroni corn. This is a kind of moderately-extended dry pasta.

Is there any other interesting veg items like this? please let me know.


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