Monday, September 28, 2009

The return of Pandits and other Migrants to J & K

Some 2 years back I read a thread - in one social network- written by a J & K migrant. Its heading was something like "Refugees in own country". It explains the life of him and people like him -who are forced to move out of J & K due to insurgency in the 90's and later. In that forum many readers expressed their concern for Kashmiri migrants. But they are common people not from the south block.

The story continued and replicated in various parts of the world. People are forcibly moved out of their land in many parts of Asia and Africa. Wars only increased their problems. Governments gave many names to them - Migrants, internally displaced people etc. Still many people are waiting for emigration clearances in the gates of many developed countries.

Just imagine the situation - people are not being able to spend the life in their own land. All of a sudden a child find that the ground - which he used to play is no longer belong to him. Why play ground only? The home where his/her family lived for decades is no longer livable for them. They have to move out in order to save their life - to keep their heart beating.

People who are lucky moved out successfully; others killed.

But now after almost two decades since beginning of insurgency in Kashmir some of them will be able to move back to their home land. According to reports nearly 1,600 families are agreed to return to their home land.

According to DNA report,
"A total of 34,878 families are registered as migrants in Jammu and 21,684 families are registered outside J&K. Around 2,500 Muslim and 1,600 Sikh families are also registered as migrants in Jammu. Nearly 15,045 families are being paid the relief, comprising Rs4,000 per family and 9kg ration per person"
The return of migrants is happening for the first time after the violence started in 90's. Hope that they will find it comfortable in their own land and will not be forced again to move out. This may give some hope to others who are still living the miserable life in the tents due to terrorism and wars.


Registration of Pandits willing to return begins in J-K
J-K budget :15,000 jobs to make Kashmiri Pandits return home
Why drag J-K Pandits to the ghettos?

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