Monday, December 7, 2015

PAHAL Scheme in ‘Guinness Book of World Records’

Launched in 2014 November, this government program aims to sell LPG cylinders at market rate to households and then subsidy will be deposited back to their bank accounts. As of Oct 3, 2015, 14.62 crore households are members in this scheme.

Early avatar of PAHAL was launched by previous government under a different name. Unfortunately, they had to drop it later as its implementation was proved to be a disaster. Under its current implementation – the largest cash transfer scheme in the world – PAHAL helped the government a lot.  After all, this drive enabled GoI to identify and close around 3.34 crore fake/duplicate/inactive accounts. Blocking these accounts itself resulted in a savings of 14, 672 crore a year.

Hope that the government will display same efficiency while implementing other schemes as well.


1. GoI Press Release 

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