Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Tips for Public speaking and Presentation

An important step in public speaking is to make your audience feel comfortable. For that to happen, you should be comfortable first.

What you can do to make yourself feel relaxed while facing an audience in order to deliver a memorable speech?

Points mentioned below may help you with that,

1. When you feel anxiety, take a deep breath and understand that you are feeling anxious.
2. In your mind reframe the speaking situation; think it as a conversation.
3. What you can do to make the speech conversational? Two important steps are use conversational language and inclusive words.
4. Start your speech with questions, anecdotes etc.
5. Don’t think too much about what will happen if your speech went bad; live in present moment.
6. Try to warm up your tongue; drinking some warm water before the speech will help.
7. Don't try hard to make your speech perfect. Don’t try to do over analysis, over thinking; these two things may freeze you in the stage; and often disconnect your audience from real theme.
8. Think about each speaking opportunity as an opportunity; it's not a threat. It never should be you Vs Audience.
9. Try to reduce negative words in your speech.
10. Another important point is slowdown and listen when audience have something to ask.
11. Try to speak with audience in a structured way. Like, you can state the problem, suggest a solution and explain what are the benefits. This often works in normal conversations well. You can also develop your own structure.
12. You can also go with the format - What? So what? Now what? For e.g Assume that you are talking about a problem. The you can use the format - what is the problem? why it is so important? Now what is the solution for that.
13. One important factor in delivering public speech is 'Never lose the audience'


#Musings: This tag contains articles which are notes prepared by me while attending a session, speech or reading a book. Hope that, it will be helpful for you as well.

1. Stanford School of Business.

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