Sunday, November 8, 2015

Twisted World Of News Reporting

One answer I often get from people in between arguments is 'check it in Google'. It sounds like whatever displayed in google (for that matter any other search engine) is correct. This is very far from reality. Truth and facts are not the factors based on which search engines display results.

I was watching TimesNow in the morning. Initially when BJP was leading by 25 seats they told, they are the only channel who got it right. Two hours later, when the lead was reversed, then also they told they are the only channel who got it right.

Just now watching Russia Today, its a state sponsored channel. Good one to hear the alternate view points from Russian side. Now a days RT and CCTV have good coverage too.

Interestingly RT news anchor in a talk with 'Foreign Policy' magazine's chief compared killings in Syria with that of shooting of AfricanAmerican's in US. Ironic, isn't it?
Media no longer serves news. What it give is its opinions. For getting original news you need to work out your brain.


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