Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Fakes are everywhere - PDS, LPG, you name it

It was only the other day I was talking about how PAHAL program helped government in closing more than 3 crore fake/duplicate/inactive accounts. First thought came to my mind while reading that article was, how this much fake accounts were created in the first place. How much money and effort might have spent on giving subsidies to these bogus uses.

Anyway, fakes doesn't stop at LPG accounts. As per the new government press release, based on 2011 census and family size estimates projected over 2015, a study (by National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER)) has estimated that, the number of excess ration cards made in five target States (Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal) is close to 1.65 crore.

The good news is, state governments and UTs deleted over 1.2 crore fake ration cards from 2012 till now. Highest number of fake cards were deleted by West Bengal (62.43 lakh) followed by Karnataka (52.78 lakh).

In a country where people who committed crimes like rape, murder and forging fake degree certificates are easily getting elected to parliament and assembiles; were public money easily flows in to the pokets of ministers and their cliques some crore fakes entries in LPG and PDS registeres are not a big deal. However, this is not the situation any one of us wants.

Government's new plan to link everything with Aadhar and more computerization in storage, transportation and delivery will definitely help to weed out the fakes. But I wonder how many fakes are already entered in to our Aadhar system!!!



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