Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The long paper trail at BSNL – Is this the target we are planning to achieve with Digitalization?

Recently I had to go to BSNL Accounts office for settling issues related to an old connection. By the way, I asked for closure, and they are supposed to close, this connection some four years back (which didn’t happen and became the root cause of all troubles.

What was interesting in that office was the amount of paper, company is still consuming. Most officials have their own system, still running on grand old Windows XP and connected to BSNL network. Still they have huge number of physical files in almost all tables; in addition to that, customers have to submit their requests in plain white paper. If anyone needs an acknowledgement slip, then they have to write the request in two papers and keep one with them and submit the other one to the company.

What more, people are still walking here and there in order to move files physically.

Are we supposed to see this in one of the key companies which is supposed to drive Prime Minister’s ambitions broadband connectivity, optical fiber networks and digital India campaign? When company claims that their offices are computerized, what those files are doing there? Isn’t it the time for BSNL, for that matter other government offices, to fully reap the advantage of digitalization?

Look at Airtel, probably they are running a larger system with a quarter of BSNL’s man power.


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  1. This writing pointing to the real things which need to change before coming up with new ideas like digitization. Before moving to new milestones, it is better to check our current position and go on.