Saturday, July 25, 2015

The damn war - Life in South Sudan

"The only certainty is that it will get worse in the coming months, and the women and girls who die will be war casualties. “Those who are dying of gunshots,” Dr. Dut notes, “are fewer than those who are dying of hunger.” - Starvation as a Product of War, Nicholas Kristof

Their crime? Born in South Sudan at worse time in History.

War and crisis in South Sudan didn’t start yesterday or today. Causalities started piling up some time back; world had enough time to avert the crisis. But, ‘South Sudan’ is not China or Japan; neither this conflict has the glamour of Eastern Ukraine nor that of Palestine. Involved parties don't possess nukes and they don't have missiles which can reach any powerful city in the world. What is abundant in this part of world is AK47, starvation and death. Lately starvation cause more death than AK47.

There is a possibility of famine this year; continuous civil war only makes it worse. There is also a supply side constraint as the road from capital Juba is cut off due to fighting and Northern border with Sudan is closed due to disputes. Isolated from nearby regions and abandoned by rest of the world, people in this area are crumbling under the weight of starvation - death looks like a blessing to them.

At the point of time, it is important to reach an agreement on this conflict and bring an end to this. If P5+1 can show half the interest they had to reach a deal with Iran, this crisis can be stopped.

Hope that, Obama's this visit (last as president) will see some kind of deal on this.

Starvation as a Product of War, Nicholas Kristof

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