Thursday, July 30, 2015

Karen Aiach – ‘Lysogene’ and a fight to save her child

Karen Aiach

History of human race is filled with stories of survival. It is interesting to think how the fragile and weak body of human beings fought and survived this long in a world filled with powerful animals. As a matter of fact, it is such stories which give us inspiration to fight against all odds and find meaning in life.

Karen Aiach is the founder and CEO of a biotech company called Lysogene. This company mainly focus on gene therapy for rare central nervous system diseases. If you are thinking what’s the point we have so many companies and so many CEOs; then hold on. Let me tell you a story as well.

This French lady have no background in Medical field and she herself may never imagined to become the CEO of a pharma company. Did I tell you, by profession she is an audit specialist? Everything changed when her daughter, Orlanda, diagnosed with a rare cancer called ‘Sanfillipo Syndrome’ in 2005. This disease has no cure and reduce life expectancy considerably.

Driven by impulse to find a solution for her baby’s problem she left her career and founded the company, that too in an area where she hardly has any experience.

Hats off to Karen Aiach.

You can read her interview to Forbes here -> “When Her Daughter Was Diagnosed With A Rare Disease, 
This Accountant Started A Biotech Company” – Forbes


Photo Courtesy: This photo is from Forbes.

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