Thursday, July 23, 2015

2006 Mumbai Blasts - Who proved what?

It was on that cursed day - 11th July 2006 - blasts in seven local trains claimed 189 lives (25 more, than Mumbai attacks of 2008) in Mumbai. Apart from breif time - when Yasin Bhatkal was arrested in August, 2013 - this trail was almost out of media radar. As usual prosecution produced mammoth about of paper "...a charge sheet that ran into approximately 10,000 pages; the witness statements of 189 prosecution witnesses, 50 defence witnesses and one court witness; along with other relevant documents such as the chemical analysis report..."(Caravan). Ofcourse its effectiveness will be revealed when MCOCA judge will pronounce verdict and later verdicts by High Court and Supreme Court (as part of appeal process).

I was not so comfortable after reading this report. After 9 years; completing a long trail; we still don't know who did what? Read Caravan report here -> "Nine Years after the Local Train Blasts in Mumbai, There is Little Clarity on Who was Responsible for the Attack"


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